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USN/USMC Jet Age Flight Helmets

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All right I'll get this started with a few helmets I've randomly pulled off the shelf, no particular rhyme or reason to the order... different eras, units etc. I'll start with the VF-121 I've shown in another post.


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Could someone educate me as to why there are sometimes Velcro strips on the top of the helmet and/or visor housing? I've seen them before on different helmets, but don't know what use they have.

"Sometimes the bravest meet death with their deeds known only to heaven." --S.L.A. Marshall




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Hi, the velcro on the visor is to fix the distress light, the first tests were made by ACEL during october 1965 and with the use of LPA life preservers that cover shoulders (strobe light was attached to the upper part of the MA2 torso harness during 60s) the directive was issued to the fleet in january 1970 (Aircrew Systems Bulletin 150) to put velcro on the APH, BPH and SPH series helmets covers to fix SDU5/E or 761A distress signal light.

You can see it on this 1972 VA 52 helmet


Best, Croc

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Early version of the H-3 helmet and USN MS-22001 mask. The inner cloth helmet has three snaps for attaching mask and not any riggers strap was added to secure it with the shell. First issue in March 1951.



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Later type of the H-3: inner cloth helmet with only two snaps for mask, second version of the MS-22001, canvas straps added by riggers for attaching the inner helmet to the shell.



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