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Vietnam non-military personnel uniforms & insignia

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Merci for your quick answer.


During the VN war great numbers of DOD civilians and technical assistance employees spent time in country. In 1966, USARV permitted these peronnel to wear utilities and in 1969, tropical uniforms. Instead of US armed forces they have to wear their firm or center name. Civilian personnel who worked with no field duty were not authorized to wear such uniforms.


So for WECOM, were they civilians who worked as weapons specialists, any relations with ordnance corps? ATAC according to your acronym sounds very mysterious for me!



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For OIF/OEF you see many civilians running around in DCUs. I saw State Department and government contractors in uniform.


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November 1969 I was a guest of the intensive care unit at 3rd field hospital, Saigon.


2nd day I woke up in a lot of pain and fog, but was happy to be breathing except only in little gasps as I had a shot up lung and a couple other dings.


Anyways at one point I noticed a group of serious looking guys standing around looking at me.

I was probably the least hurt of some really mangled up folks.-Old lady next to me had her complete jaw shot away.

They were all wearing jungle fatigues.

These guys wore no insignia I an recall, but ID'd themselves as the Commisioner of Baseball, The Postmaster General, Reggie Jackson, and Joe Dimaggio. A couple others I don't recall.

Reggie did give me a blue hat with an "A" on it. I had not heard of him, but was impressed by Joe.


I think they had already toured the rest of the place and saved us raw meat for the last. They were beginning to look a bit green and the quickest way out to the nearest club.


Give them credit for coing, though.

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