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WWI Distinguised Service Cross Numbers

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In the period 1987-1990 a series of three pamphlets were compiled and edited by Gary Mitchell and produced by Al Gleim entitled FOR VALOR - Distinguished Service Cross Issues 1918-1925. Subsequent to publication, preliminary work was begun on a potential fourth volume that would document records that added new numbers to the roster of attributable DSCs. Unfortunately Al passed away long before he was able to do more than scratch the surface of unresearched records that might be the source of new data. However some new cross numbers were uncovered, and in the interim since Al's death, very limited work has been done to add to this list. Rather than allow this data to be lost due to unforseen circumstances, it is listed below for future reference. If you own the FOR VALOR volumes, you should make the additions/corrections noted below in order to bring your set up to date. The data is presented in the format used in FOR VALOR to make the changes easy to add. In cases where the data below is in conflict with a previous attribution, the data below is considered of higher reliability and should replace the former attribution.




483 Andral, Louis LT 284ESC FR Unknown France R

486 De Favant, Francis LT 264ESC FR Paris, France R

493 Guinet, Eugene LT 208ESC FR Versailles France R

826 Fontaine, Hugh S. 1LT 49AERO Memphis, TN R

1306 Carroll Troy C. CPL A/301TANK Elkhart IN R

2288 Ely Earnest E. SFC HQ/1BDE TANK Eugene OR R

2473 Cornell, Walter R PVT 73/6MAR Cornell IL R

2663 Gustafson, Carl E PFC C/2ENG Eureka CA U

2664 Reid, Alison W. PVT A/2ENG San Leandro CA U

2786 Maury Alfred B. 2LT 301TANK Morristown NJ R

2965 Blanchard Walter H. CPL B/344TANK Haverhill MA R

3006 Voight Ralph L. PVT A/301TANK Kingston NY R

3007 Webb John R. 2LT 301TANK Tulsa OK R

3008 Osmond Frank W. CPL B/344TANK Philadelphia PA R

3009 Neil Albert F. CPL A/301TANK Santa Barbara CA R

3010 Wisher Robert F. PVT A/301TANK Philadelphia PA R

3029 Williams Charles V. CPL B/345TANK Philadelphia PA R

3441 Gailott, Maurice G. CPT 33 FR INF Paris France R



If anyone has additional DSC attributions backed up by documentation which mentions the cross number and recipient by name, I would be willing to consider it for inclusion within the FOR VALOR roster.


Regards - Gary

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