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WWII WAVE Grouping.

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It IS a great group from a lady who served 20 years in the Navy, Starting in WW 2. I hope you can find some more info on her. She served through the same years my Father and Uncle did

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Many changes in woman's uniforms came in the early 1950's, USMC was 1952 and the main thing you notice is the cut of the collars. Maybe the Navy changed theirs then also.

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It appears to me that the earlier dresses had the rounded collars instead of the pointed. This is why I was thinking these might be post WWII. I believe you are correct about them being later. Especially with her rank of Chief on the dresses.



I was looking at Women's service dress blues on eBay yesterday, and if I recall I saw examples with rounded collars with contract dates into the 1970s. Did they change with the switch from jumpers to CPO style coats for the men?



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