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Flea Market Guidon


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I found this at a local flea market this week end. I was able to determine that its from Ft. Carson Colorado, but I have no idea what period its from. Its satin with felt appliqués. It doesn't have any tags, but is made like it should be on a pole. I would love some opinions on this thing. At the very least it adds some color to the war room.


Thanks in advance,




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I've never seen a company Guidon with a fringe, interesting I wonder if it was a gift to an outgoing commander?

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I am thinking the same, that it is a presentation item. The materials do not look like it was made for actual use.

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From what we're seeing this will or should be from around 1952-53 to 1957, and would be for the 40th Tank Battalions HQ Company, at this time the 40th Tank Battalion was part of the 4th Infantry Division in Germany, and later still at Fort Lewis Washington State.


Explanation: in 1950 the old Armored Forces was redesignated Armor, and a new Branch insignia was adopted, the Pershing Tank superimposed over Crossed Sabres, as well as the old Cavalry Branch color of Yellow with secondary color Green, but despite this change in Branch, the Armor Tactical unit was still called a Tank Battalion, and it appears it took a little while for the new Guidons to be made and issued out. I say this as the old types with Green background White Company letters and WWI Tank are still used at least in the 40th Tank Battalion, 4th Infantry Division in Germany in 1951-52, this from their 1951-52 yearbook I have.


After 1957 the Army changed it's combat formations of Regiments and Battalions in a concept called Combat Arms Regimental System or CARS, see here for story on this.


After this time Armor Tactical units were then called Armor officially, with an added Battalion number IE 1st Battalion 40th Armor, 2nd Battalion 32nd Armor etc etc etc. And then you would see Armor Guidons like this post-34986-0-72241800-1429497177.jpg and this post-34986-0-41704800-1429498521.txt The Battalion number on it, yours lacks this Battalion number, which at first perusals indicates a 50-57 Tank Battalion Guidon.

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Wow, that's fantastic! Thanks for the info on this piece. I was getting no where with it.

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Nice Guidon!




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White bordered or White fringe Guidons is not without precedent, as witnessed here by one carried by Company B 16th Infantry circa 1938. Unknown why the White border on this 16th Inf one, or the 40th Tk Bn. Perhaps like Linedoggie stated, a special presentation guidon? perhaps a special presentation for either a inter Regimental or Battalion achievement?






Also the use of satin or satin like materials in the past would not be too out of the ordinary, below is one example, a post 1950 pre 1957-58 Reconnaissance Company, 142th Tank Battalion Guidon.



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