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Found this:

Musician--the author had not found an explanation for the Navy Musician's mark in Marine colors. New information, however, was uncovered by Lt. Col. Philip Wagner (U.S.M.C.R., ret.) while doing research at the offices of the Marine Band, Headquarters, Washington, D. C. The uniform in Ill. 11 is reported to have belonged to a member of the Marine Corps Women's Reserve Band formed by the Marine Corps during World War II.56 Above the left cuff, in the same location as most other marks on period uniforms, is a red on forestry green lyre. The mark appears slightly larger than the sample in Plate IV and somewhat different in pattern than the standard Navy pattern in the yellow on blue sample next to it in the same plate. Mrs. Charlotte Plummer Owen, Conductor of the MCWR Band, however, does not confirm the wearing of this mark. Mrs. Owen states, "We had no special insignia. We tried to get permission for a Music lyre for our uniforms, but this was never granted."57 This clear recollection leaves the explanation for the Musician's mark unresolved. As an aside, note that the Technical Sergeant's chevron on this uniform is the standard size for male Marines rather than the reduced size which was adopted for Women Marines in post-war years.



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