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Color of paint on USN helmets.


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Salvage Sailor

Very nice USN Unrep (Underway Replenishment) helmet, just the right dark green color as shown in your previously posted photo here






Hink, There's alot going on in that photo which pertains to other USN questions on the forum boards


First off, this is a Destroyer type conducting a High Line transfer with a Bo'sun's Chair. Above decks, off camera, would be a sailor with signal Paddles controlling the movement of the high line.


There is a 'Brown Shoe' officer in Khakis on the right, probably the First LT (Deck Division) Officer. The sailor standing by in the Yellow hardhat is probably the ships serviceman (Supply puke, too clean to be a deck ape) waiting for the mail and movies


We've got a Blue Work jacket, OD Green Deck jackets and three extreme cold weather jackets (the green nylon jackets) all are wearing Kapok life jackets


The First Division sailors are in the Blue helmets, the sailor without a helmet is on the Sound Powered Telephone connected to the ships circuits and the Paddle man. He should be wearing a Mk2 Talker helmet


The Sailor in the Green Helmet could be the Fuel King (POL) as they may also be conducting an unrep (underway replenishment) which would be the next evolution.


The Sailor standing by in the White Helmet is most likely the Corpsman (HM) and if you look over the Whaleboat davit you can see another Destroyer on station next in line for unrep

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