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Sorry the phots dodgy my phone takes a nice pic but is too big for the allowable size here and my camera takes a bad picture on the best of days but you get the idea, I had these reproduced for a couple of dress uniforms I have, made in bullion wire on original style backing, these are for my own collection I wanted bullion wings and couldnt get them here, I only had a fairly fuzzy and old pic to work with but what do you think?


Always on the look out for Navy related gear not forgetting the Coast Guard and the forgotten US Maritime Service and the ATC the Armys Navy.

The Living

Dad Sgt LJ Cox ex 27RSAR 1962 to 1978 and Sgt qualified Inspector Northern Territory Police 1971 to 1980


Rossco Cox 70th AASL Darwin 41-45

Harold Williamson 12Batt KIA Gallipoli 1915

C E Pannell 55 Sqdn RAAF Middle East

William Bowes 3rd Light Horse Gallipoli and Palestine,Middle East

The 3 Bowes boys Max, Herb,Theo the Tobruk Rats 10 batt went to war at the ages of 14 to 16.

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