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M42 Jump Jacket custom / tailor made

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That is a great looking juacket. While I see that you've ID'd it as a Vietnam advisor's jacket, I would have bet money (and might still be willing to based on your response) that the jacket was Japanese made from the Occupation period. I would be interested to see if you have a story to go with it and would also be interested in knowing if it was lined in lime green satin?

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I don't have a story with this one. It came from a dealer about 1980. He was the one that passed on the advisor story. It does not have a lining. It is single thickness heavy material. It could be occupation period but I do not know for sure.




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Hi Craig,


I have been trying to read more of the forum site, and came across your uniform.


My uncle Jack Wynne, from Whiteville Tn., was in the 11th Airborne during and after WW2.

He spent some time postwar in Japan, and in 1968 or 1969 he showed me all his wartime stuff in a footlocker and 3 duffel bags.

He gave me a piece of his parachute silk, from his combat jump.


I was 18, and those were different times, so I do not know where he jumped, or what regiment, battalion, or company he was in.

I am guessing maybe the 503rd. He has been gone for a long time and I have no way of learning more, as he was the baby of the boys in that part of the family.


My interest at the time was all of his Japanese souvenirs.

Chief among them and still residing with me to this day is a rather large wool Rising Sun flag which is all hand stitched, that was the piece he grabbed when the unit he was with, captured what he called a "Japanese Headquarters".

He also later gave me some Japanese field caps with neck aprons, a pith Helmet, 3 swords , a brand new pistol with mint rubberized belt, holster extra magazine and Ramrod/cleaning? tool. and other really cool stuff.


He showed me a uniform, that I remembered immediately when I saw yours posted here.

He said he had it made by a tailor shop by his post in Japan after the war.

I remember it pretty well because it was similar to the other uniform that he was issued, but in far better condition.


Had no knife pouch at the neck.


I wish I could tell you more, but I do believe your uniform is an original vintage item.



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