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Tan desert trousers

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These are not from 1953. The T number (unlike the M number) is only a number used to designate different test items. This was designed in 1945 for the Pacific area, it matches the T54 bush jacket. I had one of the jackets stashed away for ages thinking it was 1953, then found a mention of it in QMC records dated 1945. The Bush jacket looks like a british bush jacket, and has the ovalish brass late war officer's dress buckle. I can't tell you any more about them, but they are 1945. Positively.

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I have the same pair of pants with the same Experimental Tags that I found in an old clothes store in France a few years ago. There are draw tapes in each cargo side pocket like the M65 pants. The buttons of mine are tan, not dark brown like these. I use them to skateboard because they are a little loose for me. I will post pics this weekend.

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I don't have the jacket but I suspect it would look like a bush jacket with 4 pockets. Otherwise, I've seen the same pants but made in OG green shade on sale on Ebay (I don't know whether the material is HBT or not) but these pants don't have the EXPERIMENTAL tag. Were they issued to troops at the end of WW2?

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