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1943 McClellan Saddle


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Bought this yesterday, don't know much about them, I could only find one stamp on one of the stirrup straps. Any input would be appreciated, thanks ken




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Appears to be a 1904 McClellan cavalry saddle. The original Brown leather was either darkened to Black by the application of Neatsfoot or some similar oil (which I've seen turn russet to black over time) or, what is more likely, the saddle was dyed black for use either in CW or Indian Wars re-enacting or Police work. 04 seats didn't originally have the sheepskin on the bars like this so it indicates some customization. There were no new 04 seats made after WWI so this it probably a 1918 contract saddle and the original maker is (or was ) stamped on the rear of the saddle seat next to the cantle near the rear of the bar. The stirrup strap looks to be the kind used with the 1928 (modified) McClellan saddle and was a direct replacement for the extremely complicated 04 stirrup strap. Unfortunately, with this level of customization it has little value as a collectible.

Tom Bowers

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