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blackinton aircrew


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Now I know I've had my lucky deals and sometimes I'll find a wing for half what it's actually worth but it doesn't happen often. And I know prices are a bit depressed at the moment. But come on...which one of you lucky sons of guns got this one???




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The way the seller named the piece this time made it so that those of us who would have been interested did NOT get to the auction. I have done several searches lately and this one NEVER came up. Sometimes you just get a little blessing because of the WORDS you type in the search at the time, so you pull up what others are overlooking! I usually search by WWII Wings etc and the seller here PUT VIETNAM ERA. The search engine then set it in that category so none of us WWII wing nuts saw it. Got something for u guys later!

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I've purchased several nice WW2 items off of Ebay that are incorrectly listed as Vietnam Era and sold ridiculously cheap. Even complete, fully patched uniforms with all of the ribbons and insignia. I've always found it strange how some of these sellers are willing to assign a specific time period to the items they sell, but don't bother to use a quick bit of google-fu and find out the facts.


It's always good to be the guy to take advantage of their mistakes!

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