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Seeking ID and image help with this one .........Disney Dave Help!

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Saw this one on a Facebook page someone needs ID and better image help of it , Can you help Us Disney Dave???????

It appears to be Disney's Honest John" from their cartoons sitting down on cloud"? wearing hat and coat , legs spread one holding up note pad , the other a ruler , his one hand hold a pencil and the other a pair of Calipers over a globe .......


Hopefully you'll have something on this one, thanks for your time and efforts and I await your reply !!!!!!!!!!!!


Johnny Signor



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What era is this? WW2, Korea?

Looking for for 37th Division

VietNam and earlier Special Forces &

USS Hemminger DE 746 items

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This design was created in the fall of 1943 by artist Hank Porter for the 839th Navigation Training Squadron. The insignia features the likeness of Gideon the cat from Pinocchio. Hope this helps!


Wanted: Disney World War II related items.




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