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My mannequin displays

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Thanks, gentlemen. Brian I've been putting it together since the min 1970's. It never was easy for me to be able to afford/buy items even at the prices then and through the earlier years much less adding addition items now. But it could be done if the interest was there.


Here's the CW Cavalry one.



1. CW CAVALRY SHELL JACKET, Federal issue yellow piping, brownish gray lining, about mint condt, size #3, inspection marks in sleeves.


9. CW ENLISTED MANS CAVALRY HARDEE HAT, black felt, crossed sabers, yellow cord, black feather and original wide cordovan colored sweatband. The brim is pinned up on the right side with a brass eagle plate and printed on the crown label in gold ink is an eagle, shield and flags and the wording "US Army" and the number "3". Hat just about mint condt


22. CW GLOVES/GAUNTLETS, tan soft leather, large stiff red leather lined cuffs. Cuffs are 7" long and 8" wide, marked size #8. One small hole in one finger otherwise excl condt


33. CW ENLISTED MANS SWORD BELT, black buff leather with an eagle plate with applied silver wreath, complete with saber straps and a scarce black buff shoulder strap, mint


35. CW HOLSTER, regulation issue flap holster, black leather for 44 cal. Colt or Remington very good condt


39. CW SWORD WRIST STRAP, black leather marked Gaylord, excl condt


56. PISTOL CARTRIDGE BOX, black leather, for carrying pistol ammunition


62. CW CAVALRY BOOTS, black leather, regulation style, knee high, 20" tall in front, 14-1/2" in rear, approximately size 10. The name "Alaska" stamped in leather, wooden peg construction, square toe, leather pull-ons, appear to be unused and in excl to mint condt


73. CW/IW SPURS, A pair of CW style brass spurs, smooth polished brass not rough cast, complete with black leather 1/2" wide straps having brass horse shoe shaped buckles. The spurs are either CW officers spurs or the rare 1872 EM spurs. They have a history of coming from an estate sale in St. Paul, Minn, family of the last name of Griggs, excl condt


126. MODEL 1860 COLT ARMY REVOLVER, 44 cal. serial # 91341, G+ condt


138. 1860 CAVALRY SABER, early 1859 dated Ames mfg with scabbard, VG condt


172. CW CARBINE CARTRIDGE BOX, brown leather, all straps and buckles. Wooden insert drilled for 20 cartridges. Mfg stamping of Hoover, Calhoun & Co. lightly visible. Leather flexable with hardly any flaking. Excl condt


264. CW SHOULDER SCALES, brass scales as worn by enlisted men. The scales are excl plus condt and still have the original oil cloth backing on the underside of the scales


CW BUFF CARBINE SLING, 2-1/2" wide with a large brass buckle and tip and a steel snap hook. The sling is the rare early model made of "black" buff leather, (now faded to a brownish color). The leather of these slings were changed from white buff to black buff in 1851 and then changed to black collar leather per General order #13 in 1855 . Some slings were still being manufactured of black buff leather until about 1861 This is an all original and uncut over the shoulder sling rig that is not a surplus item in that it shows actual field use where the leather has shrunk somewhat from being exposed to the elements and being wet There is a heavy patina on buckle and tip. The snap hook has a Gaylord mfg. stamp on it. The brass is in excl untouched condt and the buff leather is about VG. This is a rare early sling.


567. CW MODEL 1863 SHARPS CARBINE. Serial # C10326 , no pitting and about 40% bluing on the barrel and excellent cartouches on the stock. Excl condt overall condt



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CW Inf NCO display


12. CW BUMMER CAP, blue wool flannel material similar to 4 button sack coat material, height 7" in back and 4-1/2" in front. Eagle side buttons, Tarred leather visor, dark brown polished cotton lining, brass infantry horn affixed to crown that is original to the hat. A card that came with the hat identified it as having belonged to Pvt. Owen Donovan, CO E, 24th Michigan, (Iron Brigade). The flannel hat material is typical of that used by Michigan units. VG condt


40. CW CARTRIDGE BOX AND SLING, 58 cal., complete with both plates and tins, excl plus condt Box stamped G&D Cook & CO Makers New Haven- Ce, Sling- EW Oliver, Pittsburg, Pa


59. CW 58 MUSKET SLING, US and Wilkinson & Cummings, Springfield, Mass. stamped on sling. They had Infantry accuterment contracts in 1862 & 63. Unit markings 1, 3, MR7 are written on the sling also a name that is hard to make out but appears to be, D. Gamman. The sling is on musket #121 and looks like it is original to the musket.


64. CW BOOTS, 13-1/2" high, square toe, wooden pegged, approximately size 10, excl condt


70. CAP POUCH, Kenosha City, Wis. Identified to a Leo Mayer, 1st Sergt, CO A, 26th WI. excl condt


74. CW SHOULDER SCALES, brass early enlisted mans or NCO style , with tabs VG, .


82. CW CANTEEN, brown wool cover, sling and stopper. exc. condt, KCM


121. ENFIELD MUSKET, Tower mfg. 577 cal. dated 1863, Overall the musket is in untouched condition. The blue on the barrel turning brown. excl - mint


176. CW HAVERSACK, federal issue tarred canvas haversack, buckle on fastening strap dated 1862, the sling has been replaced and the haversack body repaired, both with original period material. Good-VG repaired condt, no inner bag but the three tin buttons for the bag are still inside the haversack


181. BAYONET SCABBARD, for 577 Enfield, excl condt


141. 1850 NCO SWORD, Ames mfg., dated 1864, with leather scabbard, excl condt


148. CW NCO SWORD & BAYONET SLING, brown buff leather, leather in near mint condition, some restiching in frog area, the eagle plate has one hook partly broke off


284. 1851 NCO BELT AND BUCKLE, early brown buff leather belt with sewn on keeper with no rivets and the smaller high quality cast 1851 eagle plate with the three piece applied wreath. Unit or rack markings and individual's initials in ink on reverse of belt. Belt and plate are in about mint condition


521. CW ENLISTED MANS NCO 9 BUTTON FROCK COAT. The coat is a federal regulation issue Infantry frock coat with blue piping. It has SA, (Schuylkill Arsenal) and the number 17 stamped in right arm pit and the number "2" (the size), in each arm pit, and has ligth blue Sergeant stripes on each arm and eagle ‘I” buttons. The collar has been lowered as was commonly done by the troops. The coat is in Excl plus condt


559. CW NCO WAIST SASH. Scarce red wool sash similar to the officer’s sash but made of wool not silk. Excellent condition with some scattered minor moth damage. scarce




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The CW Art. display






3. CW ARTILLERY SHELL JACKET, Federal issue blue wool, red piping, coarse brown & green striped lining, and size #3, excl condt. Govt inspection and also costume Co. marks in sleeves


16. CW BUMMER CAP, blue wool, label marked L. J. Phillips, size #4, US Army. Dark brown polished lining, . Unstitched tarred leather visor, height 7-1/2" in the back and 4-1/2" in the front. Eagle side buttons. Lining has some fraying otherwise hat is in excl plus condt


36. CW ENLISTED MANS SWORD BELT, early brown buff leather saber belt with the 1851 three piece silver wreath belt plate and all sewn belt construction without rivets. Complete with saber straps and the buff over the shoulder strap, about mint condition.


38. CW SWORD WRIST STRAP, black leather with US ordinance inspection marks, 99% tassels remain, missing basket weave cover portion otherwise excl condt


45. ARTILLERY GUNNERS HAVERSACK, brown leather approx. 13-1/2" X 13", complete with the closing strap and buckle, and an intact over the shoulder strap with buckle. Stamped WATERTOWN ARSENAL 1864, US Excl condt

63. CW-IW BOOTS, 14" high square toe, approximately size 8, black leather, VG condt


65. CW/IW PERIOD ARTILLERY DRIVERS LEG PROTECTOR, large black leather wrap around legging that was used to protect the right leg of the soldier riding the first horse of the team pulling the cannon . Secured with four iron buckles and straps and has a flat iron bar riveted to the outside, rare. Excl - mint


81. CW SPURS, pair, iron with what appears to be tin plating on them, complete with leather straps with japanned buckles, excl condt


139 1840 LIGHT ARTILLERY SABER, Roby mfg., dated 1864, with scabbard, from the Walgreen collection, fine condt


266. CW CANNON SPONGE & RAMMER, type for a 12lb field gun with a wood rammer on one side and a sponge (with canvas cover) on the other end, overall length is approximately 7-1/4 feet. VG condt


454. CW GLOVES/GAUNTLETS, tan soft leather. Large stiff red leather lined cuffs. Cuffs are approx. 7" long and 8" wide, ink stamped "9" inside cuffs. Excellent plus condt


527. MODEL 1858 REMINGTON REVOLVER, 44 cal. serial # 99583, about 20-30% original blue remaining. The metal is in excellent condt. with no pitting or roughness and has very little wear. Excellent Ainsworth cartouche on the left side of the grip and the small inspector’s letters “A’s” still deeply stamped on the bottom of the grips. All the metal and wood is in excellent condt.


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I am going to hold off posting more for awhile after this one as I don't want to "hog" the top postings so other members can have theirs appear at the top for awhile, Ray



WWII Paratrooper






320. PARATROOPER M1A1 CARBINE HOLSTER, canvas jump case for the folding stock carbine that attaches to the belt. Marked Atlas Awning and dated 1943, slightly dirty otherwise excellent condt


322. WWII BELT & ACCUTERMENTS, M1936 pistol belt, M1936 harness suspenders dated 1942, 45 auto holster dated 1943, two clip pouch dated 1943, and canteen, dated 1942, cup, dated 944, and cover, dated 1943. The complete set belonged to a Lt. R.C. Borningham, DC. His name and serial number are on the canteen cover. Excl plus condt.


325. WWII PARATROOPER BOOTS, Brown Leather Cochran mfg, size 9-1/2. beveled heel, 12 eyelets.VG condt




330. M3 FIGHTING KNIFE, leather M6 scabbard marked US MC Milsco 1943. Blade marked US M3 UC 1943. The knife has been carried in service and the blade has been sharpend. Both are in a very good used condition.


335. 2 WWII MKII HANDGRENADES, Excellent condt


336. WWII FLASH LIGHT. US TL-122C. Bright Star Mfg. Improved plastic from TL-122B model, moisture proof design, issued April 1944. VG condt.


337. WWII PARATROOPER WRIST COMPASS, Taylor with leather strap


345. WWII WALKIE-TALKIE, BC-611-F, complete with sling, VG condt


444. WWII M1A1 PARATROOPER CARBINE. An original as manufactured and issued all correct WWII M1A1 carbine. Inland first series mfg, serial # 552067, barrel dated 7-43.. All correct period early Inland parts, including a flip up rear sight and early front band. The metal still has about 98% original WWII Parkerizing. Original and correct WWII folding paratrooper stock with the proper cheek piece rivets and the small ordinance wheel and AIO@ stamped on the underside of the pistol grip. A high wood stock with a large circled "P" on the back end and AIO@stamped inside the forearm with 100% cheek piece leather, a light AA arsenal cartouche is present on the left side but the carbine and stock are in untouched original WWII configuration. The stock has a few minor dings and scratches from usage, overall the carbine is in excl condition. Complete with original WWII sling and oilier. This appears to be a Vet bring home


333. ORIGINAL WWII PARATROOPER M1C HELMET & LINER, complete with an original liner, straps, snaps, net, and chin cup. The helmet has flex bales with a rear seam but the rim is still the early stainless steel rim and not the later magnesium rim which dates the helmet to about mid 1944 mfg. Original paratrooper OD chin straps, see AThe M1 Helmet@, by M. A Reynosa, pg 73. The straps have the extra female snaps that snap onto the paratrooper liner. The liner is an original factory (Westinghouse) made paratrooper liner with OD "Y" straps and 2nd pattern cast buckle. A nice original and complete late WWII paratrooper helmet.


533. ORIGINAL WWII PARATROOPER JACKET, M1942, slanted packets, complete with belt. ink marked size 38R. Has a 101st airborne patch on the left shoulder sleeve. VG-excl condt.


534. ORIGINAL WWII PARATROOPER PANTS, M1942, with large side pockets, size 33 X 30. Small patches of either rust or blood stains on one side pocket VG -Excellent condition.



432. ORIGINAL WWII PARATROOPER FIRST AID KIT. The kit consists of a khaki colored rectangular pouch made of light weight canvas that is ink stamped on the out side, First-Aid@. The canvas is rubberized on the inside and contains a sealed field dressing packet, a tourniquet, and a small syrette of morphine in a box. The pouch has two long khaki canvas ribbons sewn on it, each extending on both sides of the pouch to enable it to be tied on the helmet net or arm etc. The pouch has been opened on one end to examine the contents to insure they are original and the morphine in the syrette squeezed out for legal purposes and the pouch has been temporary resealed, excellent condition.



571. U.S. WWII AIRBORNE REFLECTOR DISK. A metal round disk having a white reflective center that was attached (sewn /clipped) to the helmet of a paratrooper which produces a dim glow that allows other troopers to know where the wearer is in the dark. The reflector has a clip on the backside and the words poison inside . Complete with it=s cloth carrying case. Rare item


604. WWII REMINGTON RAND 1911A1 PISTOL, 45 cal, Serial # 1416818, Mfg 1943. All original and about mint (99%) condition. Came from the estate of an 82th Airborne veteran who jumped in Normandy D Day.


654. WWII PERIOD PARATROOPER SWITCH BLADE KNIFE. The blade is stamped PRESTO, made in USA on one side and Geo Schrade, Bridgeport, Conn on the other side. These period switch blade knives which could be opened with one hand, were pressed into service by paratroopers to be used to cut the parachute suspension lines if necessary. They were carried in a special zippered pocket in the front of the M42 jump jacket made especially for these knifes. The knife is 8-3/4@ opened with a 3-3/4@ blade and has black simulated stag metal handles with a wire bail on one end of the handle for attaching a lanyard to prevent the trooper from dropping it. The safety does not fully engage and the blade has been slightly sharpened otherwise the knife is in VG condt.




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A truly wonderful collection you have there, Ray thumbsup.gifw00t.gif


The CW items are truly amazing.

Do you have Federal only or also Confederate?


Regarding the Paratrooper ... is the M42 tunic identified?


Looking forward to seeing more pictures.



704th Tank Destroyer Battalion





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I am going to hold off posting more for awhile after this one as I don't want to "hog" the top postings so other members can have theirs appear at the top for awhile, Ray

Fantastic! That is exactly what I was asking for. "Hog" all you want. I especially like the WWII parartrooper as my Dad was one, but like to see the older uniforms and equipment since I know so little about it.


The question remains. Do you have any Confederate gear?


Thanks again copdoc

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"Hog" all you want. I especially like the WWII parartrooper as my Dad was one, but like to see the older uniforms and equipment since I know so little about it.


The question remains. Do you have any Confederate gear?


Thanks again copdoc


I have no Confederate items anymore once had a number of items but I couldn't afford an original coat/jacket and kepi. You're looking into over a hundred grand for a set even years back awhile they were very expensive. So I concretrated on what I could afford. Here's a couple more shots of the Paratrooper. The set is not I'd. Wish it was, Ray




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Okay, a couple more CW displays, A CW Inf EM and an officer, Scarce original brogans and trousers.







6. CW ENLISTED MANS 9 BUTTON INFANTRY SHORT JACKET, blue wool with light blue piping, double layered pointed cuffs. The coat is a regulation civil war EM frock coat that had the skirts removed which was a common practice during the CW. The wool material is in excl condition but the lining is in poor condt. Arsenal marks in sleeve


13. CW BUMMER CAP, blue wool, label marked L.. J. Phillips, size #4, US Army. Dark brown polished lining, tarred leather visor, height 7" in back and 4-1/2" in front, eagle side buttons, excl condt.


21. CW ENLISTED MAN'S TROUSERS. Original sky blue wool, Inf style, tin buttons, stamped on the waist band, "J.T.Martin" (clothing contractor during the CW) and the date January 1865. Some moth holes otherwise excl condt. rarest of all the CW clothing items.


26. PAIR OF CW ENLISTED MANS ISSUE SHOES, very RARE, as issued, matching pair of CW Jefferson shoes. The shoes have three eyelet's with no metal grommets, square toes, and are wooden pegged construction. They have a single copper reinforcement rivet on each side, (authorized in 1863 to strengthen the seams), The shoes still have their original leather laces and hobnails which had been added by the soldier on the heels & soles. The leather of the shoes is stiff but in excl condt. The shoes, four large eagle buttons from a sack coat and a pair of CW, EM trousers, contractor dated January 1865, (#21), had been donated to a museum together. The shoes look to be about size 6 or 7. KCM


31. CW PERIOD WOOL SOCKS, white in color, wide tops, excl condt


41. CW CARTRIDGE BOX AND SLING, 58 cal., complete with both plates and tins, box marked Watertown Arsenal, 1863, eagle plate marked Boyd & Son, excl-mint leather


43 CW ENLISTED MANS INFANTRY BELT & BUCKLE, oval US buckle on a black leather belt with brass keeper, excl condt.


79. CW BULLSEYE CANTEEN, no cover , non period replacement sling, cork, and chain


110. SHIRT, CW period, white cotton home made with bone buttons, full bloused sleeves. Shirt has some tears


130. PINFIRE REVOLVER, missing some parts, Good condt

04. TIN CUP,



144. CW BAYONET SCABBARD, for 58 cal. seven rivets VG condt

134 BAYONET, for 58 Springfield musket, VG condt

195 CW UNIFORM SUSPENDERS, suspenders for CW period enlisted mans uniform trousers. The suspenders are made of heavy undyed cotton or canvas material "1" wide and have 1855 patent style adjustment buckles and leather fastener straps for only one button, not the later two button type. These appear to be regular issue suspenders and have been used as there are traces of metal transfer or rubbing on the leather straps by the button holes from the tin uniform trouser buttons on enlisted mans issue trousers. CW uniform suspenders are probably one of the rarest of all clothing items, excl condt




4. CW OFFICERS 9 BUTTON FROCK COAT, dark blue wool, eagle, 19" diameter bloused sleeves, 12" cuffs. Single roll of nine eagle"I" buttons backmarked D. Evans & Co. Attleboro, Mass. 1st Lt. straps (not sewn to coat) with light blue background, greenish lining, long skirts. The coat has what appears to be heavy water staining over areas of the sleeves and one shoulder otherwise about good condt, size about 38-40


19. CW BUMMERS CAP, blue wool, height 5-1/2' in back, 4-3/4" in front. Tarred leather visor, eagle side buttons, dark brown polished cotton lining in the crown is intact but only remnants remain in the body of the cap otherwise the hat is in excl condt


32. CW OFFICERS SILK WAIST SASH, crimson in color, tattered on edges


66. CW BOOTS, black leather, 14" high, about size 10, VG condt


67. CW OFFICER SABER BELT & BUCKLE, solid brass eagle plate, black leather folded over construction belt with both saber straps and leather uniform protectors, excl condt.


140. 1851 FOOT OFFICERS SWORD, blade stamped 1861, un-etched blade, leather scabbard, engraved on the throat, "Presented to Lieut. Foster by his Uncle William Foster" Very Good condt


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You're looking into over a hundred grand for a set

At least and it is hard to tell if it is real. I'll bet one of your Union sets would bring that much also. I don't see the M3 on the paratrooper. Did you replace it with the M1917? I have a flashlight my Dad gave me to use in Boy Scoutes and I just found it. I am going to see if it is a WWII. I found out the duffel bag he gave me to use in Scouts was the one he used in WWII. Glad I was not too rough on it. It had his S/N in it. I havn't uploaded many pics but here is one of some of his stuff, I am looking through all the things he gave me over the years and asking which ones were his and which ones were picked up. Here are some vets carried knives with the M3 my Dad gave me but it was not his. He lost his in our garage soon after WWII.







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What is that cylinder on the paratrooper in front of the M1911A1? It looks like a flare. copdoc

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What is that cylinder on the paratrooper in front of the M1911A1? It looks like a flare. copdoc


copdoc, the stuff you have from your dad is far and above more valuable then all of mine as it has family connections.

The M3 is strapped to his leg and that's a parachute flare. He has a rare first pattern M1 carbine grenade launcher.


Here's the 1870's period IW display. He has a pre Custer carbine and a 1876 Schofield revolver, Ray








10. CW ENLISTED MANS CAVALRY JACKET, blue wool, with yellow piping on cuffs and collar. Nine eagle buttons on front, two in back. Double layered cuffs pointed cuffs. This is a regulation civil war EM frock coat that had the skirts removed which was common practice in the 1870’s. Only remnants of lining remains. otherwise excl condt


37. CW HOLSTER, regulation issue flap holster, black leather for 44 cal. Colt or Remington, stamped J.I. Pittmann, N.Y. Excl condt


15. IW OFFICER CAMPAIGN HAT, IW period black felt hat with an embroidered wreath and a separate brass US on the front and a gold and black officers hat cord with acorns. (Hat cord is stored under the hat while it is on figure #16). Hat has a 3-1/2" wide brim and a 6" high crown. Early type sweatband of thin leather, 2" wide with full oil cloth backing and a single strand of rattan or straw around it's circumference. The sweatband has a CW style shield and the words "Extra Quality" stamped in it. Excl condt


71. CW CAVALRY BOOTS, regulation issue, black leather, square toe, wooden pegged, about 17" high and approx. size 9. Excl Condt,


197. CW GAUNTLETS/GLOVES, tan soft leather with large cuffs 7" long by 6" wide, Gloves are well used and have some large holes in the leather in the palm portion and one thumb.underwise good condt


282. CW CARBINE SLING, original, uncut over the shoulder sling, 2-1/2" wide. black leather with large brass buckle and snap hook with makers name O.B. North stamped on it. Heavy patina on buckle and tip, (one rivet head broken off on brass belt tip). Leather and brass in excl condt, Steel snap hook about VG


MODEL 1873 SPRINGFIELD CARBINE, A totally un-modified, pre-Custer issue 1873 carbine having every desirable early model feature, serial number #35616. Long wrist stock with a lightly visible oval AESA@ cartouche and a AP@ on the wrist, no butt trap, correct rear sight, no proof marks on barrel as correct, The metal and the stock had been cleaned many years ago. The metal has turned mostly gray with some patina and no pitting and still has deeply stamped markings. VG bore. Overall in VG condition


432. 1874 CAVALRY BELT WITH SABER STRAPS, black leather belt with an 1874 rectangle US plate. On the belt are two brass slides with loops on the bottom for attaching the saber straps, one slide has a dismounted hook. The straps are the 1874 pattern black leather straps having the brass attachment hooks on the upper ends of each strap. Large brass snap hooks have been added to the sword ends for easier sword The belt is stamped Benicia Arsenal. All the brass has a good patina and the leather of both the belt and the saber straps, is in excl plus


434. 1860 CAVALRY SABER, Mansfield & Lamb Mfg, dated 1864. Excellent bright blade, wire intact, leather has minor wear and the hilt and un-dented scabbard has untouched patina .Overall Excl


455. CW McCLELLAN CAVALRY BIT & BRIDLE. A 1863 bit with a 1859 bridle. The bit has the two brass side US rosettes and lots of original thinning blue finish remaining. The bit is maker stamped, "A. Barclay" who is listed as manufacturer of accouterments from 1861 - 1865. The bridle is black leather and complete with all straps and the correct 1859 style iron buckles. Both are original civil war issue and have also seen later IW usage as small iron rivets, typical of IW period, have been added to reinforce the stitching for the buckles on the bridle straps that attach to the bit and the bit has been altered to the 1872 model by replacing the cw style wire curb strap hooks with the 1872 style. Both the rivets and the 1872 curb strap attachments could be removed to return the bit and bridle back to standard CW issue. Both are in excellent condt


462. 1874 45/70 HAZEN LOOPS. Slides on the 1874 leather belt. Black leather with 20 loops for 45/70 ammunition. Stamped on the center back belt loop is, " US Arsenal Benicia" About mint condition except for some insect/worm damaged areas on the front.


606. 2ND MODEL S&W SCHOFIELD REVOLVER. Serial # 3937, (1876 mfg.). Matching serial numbers on the frame, barrel and cylinder. The grip strap is US stamped and the barrel, frame and the cylinder face have the government AP@ proof. There is a excellent 1876 date on the left grip and a VG cartouche on the right grip. Overall condition is excellent with about 70-80% bluing remaining on the frame and the cylinder and barrel has a patina


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copdoc, the stuff you have from your dad is far and above more valuable then all of mine as it has family connections. The M3 is strapped to his leg and that's a parachute flare. He has a rare first pattern M1 carbine grenade launcher.


I do enjoy having junque with the family connection. A lot of the stuff I have collected came from vets who gave it to me or sold it to me for very little when I was a kid.

I thought I recognized the flare. My Dad and I used to shoot these about every time it would snow when I was a kid. Smoke in the day and flares at night. I saw a few at a recent gun show and should have bought them, but they were $55 each. I can shoot my artillery pieces cheaper than I can shoot these now. I would like one of the early carbine launchers. The short one in the box is a one I bought a few years ago. It fits the carbine but is a cut down Garand launcher. I had never seen one and have not seen another. It came in a sight pouch with an allen wrench to tighten the set screws. If you have any idea why it was made let me know. I know we sent carbines to SVN and there were not many of the WWII lauchers avaiable. Maybe they tried to cut down a few. My Dad said they never lauched grenades of carbines because of stock breakage. It might have been just a few, but know how fast words get around.


You must have 1000 books to ID all that stuff(guns, equipment, uniforms) from so many periods.


Here are a few smoke and flare projectiles. Carbine launcher in the top right.


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Looking at your collection makes me wish that I did not get rid of 80% of my Civil War collection. I did so to invest in later wars. I really wish that I held on to it. Curse you for sharing! (Just kidding) I still have my very first sizeable Civil War item, and that would be my 1862 Enfield, identified to Noah Kimbark, who was a member of the 124th New York. He was shot through the chest at Gettysburg. Has the original sling as well. I have other things too, but my Keanansville sabers, and my two shell jackets have since found new homes, as did my mint canteens, and...I need to stop before I cry. lol. Great stuff!!!



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copdoc, it looks like you have a collection to be proud of also. What artillery pieces do you have that you shoot?


Chris, that 1862 Enfield, identified to Noah Kimbark, with the original sling and who was shot through the chest at Gettysburg is a real piece of history. That is one heck of a piece with that real history. I know about selling things as I had sold a EM flock coat I'd to a guy from the 7th Wis. (Iron Brigade) who was wounded in the war. But at least I sold it to a fellow who appreciates it and collects Wis items, Ray


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copdoc, it looks like you have a collection to be proud of also. What artillery pieces do you have that you shoot?

I have a few just disjointed as I am not a collector as my friends say, more of an accumulator. Here are a few of the pieces starting with the US and a CSA Coehorn. these are about as big as I can put together considering I have to borrow lathes, mills and expertise form over a half dozen local machinists.

24 pounder Confererate Coehorn mortar. Copied from and original at Ft Benning.



Original in Ft Benning but it is on a replica base so I copied the base from period photos.



Replica from Ft Fisher where my GGF was stationed. My Dad's AB artillery unit was made from the coastal artillery unit where his GF served(but in the CSA).



24 Pounder US from original drawing but is streel C1172) instead of brass. I am going to copper plate or brass wash it when i figure out how.




I know it is a US forum also but you started it so..................I'll add these few

15th Century Burgundian Howitzer copied from an Austrian museum.



Replica 16th Century Kufstein Mortar on walnut base.

Yes, not an illusion the fire angle is about 7-8 degrees, When they said high angle

fire they ment high angle fire.



Replica WWI French Taupia (improvied) mortar. Usually made from a fired artillery projectile or even the shell casing. I replicated the projectile one so it could be fired.




I am subcaling and rebuilding a M18A1 Recoiless rifle to 50bmg also. My Dad's AB unit was one of the first to have them issued. He was tranfered to be Liasion to the Free French so he did not use one very much. He said Patton had them on the run so in they were scaling back on the AB artillery. I have welded the barrel block so it will not chamber a round and made a sub cal adaptor(well my buddy machinist made it). Now I have to rebuild the firing mechanism. If anyone want to sell or donate any parts let me know.




I hope I am not hogging the thread by asking all these questions but was very interested in the diversity of your collection.

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PS rayg

Excellent presentation of the German soldier. You are either very luckly or very smart to have a transferable MP44. (prob both) I will have to hit the lotto tonight to ever hope to get one.

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Those are some great field peices and a lot of work to make them. I bet they are fun to fire.


Here's some SAW close ups and disciptions, Ray








(1898 with blue shirt and Krag)


219. MODEL 1896 KRAG RIFLE, Spanish American War period rifle, deep cartouch dated 1897, serial number #64314. . Appears to be unfired with about 95% blueing remaining on metal. Excl stock with sharp corners.. Overall excl plus


307. COLT 1894 US ARMY REVOLVER, stamped Colt DA 38 on the barrel and US Army Model 1894 on the bottom of the grip. Serial # 63229 is on the grip, frame and cylinder release with R.A.C. on the frame. This serial number falls in the range of others issued to the 1st US Cavarly, (Springfield Research Records).. The gun shows cavalry usage in that the wood on the base of the left grip shows wear consistant to that caused by the carbine on the shoulder sling rubbing against the grip while the gun was in the holster. The cartouches are still partially visible on both grips. The serial number puts the gun manufactured in 1895. Except for the grip wear, the gun is in excl condt. Has #644 lanyard on it.


342. 1885 CAMPAIGN HAT, regulation issue, 6" crown with proper sweatband, hat band, and snowflake side vents and three lines of stitching on the brim. The soldiers initials G.A.B. are written both on the face and the underside of the sweatband along with a name that is hard to read. The hat has a deep center crease and was personalized by the soldier who highlighted the snowfake side vent with red and blue ink. The ink has faded but colors are still discernible. A pin back, lead filled, 1875 style crossed muskets with the number four is pined on the front of the hat. VG condt


308. S.A.W. LEGGINGS, 16" high canvas leggings linned with a gray felt material. Excl Condt


407. IW/S.A.W CANTEEN, pewter mouth piece, original cork and chain, canvas cover marked "1st US V.I.". complete with correct narrow leather sling.Overall Good to VG condt


408. S.A.W TROUSERS, Regulation infantry straight leg khaki trousers. Standard 1883/85 pattern made for suspenders only and in cotton instead of wool. They have the slightly flared cuffs and the rise in the back waist, belted back, (missing the buckle), two front pockets, a watch pocket, and one back pocket. Some suspender and fly buttons have been replaced. About 32" waist and 30" length. These are the first US Army khaki trousers and were introduced in 1898 and were only issue for a year or so until the breeches style of trousers were adopted. They were the style that would have been used in the early actual combat period of the S.A.W. They have some slight soiling but overall they are in excl condt and are extremly rare


415. MODEL 1883 OVERSHIRT, regulation issue blue wool three button pullover shirt. Shirt is 100% original and matches government specifications. The hard rubber buttons on the front and pockets have been replaced with Pennsylvania NG and 1883 brass eagle buttons. A super rare shirt, only a hand full still in existence Overall in excl condt


425. KRAG SLING. Leather sling 661/2@ long with a Brass two finger fastner on one end and a brass button on the other. VG condt


440 KRAG BAYONET & SCABBARD, early excl plus bright 1895 dated blade with the early, (2nd model) hook scabbard


445. IW/SAW SHOES,. . The shoes basically conform to the 1885 pattern government issue ankle high campaign shoes. Black leather, square toes,. three eyelets, and three metal hooks, leather pull tabs, and a metal reinforcement rivet on the side. Both the soles and heels are secured with square nails. In the center of each sole is large five pointed star design. Possibly a corps symbol, that had been added using brass nails having themselves five pointed star shaped heads. The size number "10" is stamped inside the ankle area of both shoes and a four digit stock or contract number in one.. The shoes had been slightly used with only minor wear on the heels and soles and are in excellent condition and could actually still be worn. Scarce shoes


267. IW/S.A.W. BLANKET. Heavy wool, gray/blue in color, with darker 3" wide indigo blue end stripes. Regulation size and weight. Excl condt




470. IW/S.A.W. HAVERSACK, model 1878 canvas haversack with sling. ", Corp C.S. Barley, Co. H, 13th Regt is written inside under the flap. The haversack came with a brown leather sling stamped Rock Island Arsenal on one end and in the middle "State Texas". The brown sling is stored inside the haversack and the haversack has a black leather sling while it is displayed on manikin


522. US ARMY 1892 HOLSTER, pre 1900 S.A.W. period black leather holster for the model 1892 colt double action 38 cal. revolver. There is an oval "US" on the front body and Rock Island Arsenal markings on the flap cover. The holster had been worn and the outline of the 92 revolver still remains. The US and Rock Island markings are good and visible. The holster leather is in excellent plus condition with no cracking or flaking and it has it's original bottom plug..


613. 1898 KRAG BREECH COVER. Canvas cover with leather ties that fits over the breech of the Krag. The cover is stamped RIA Arsenal with instructions.



622. 30/40 KRAG 100 RD CARTRIDGE BELT. Dark Blue, mint




(ARMY 1905-10 period)



373. MODEL 1904 MOUNTED LEGGINGS, khaki canvas leggings,(see Armes Militaria Magazine No.20). Secured by a wrap around spiral canvas strap, approx. 11" high. Similar to the leather cavalry "puttees" but in canvas.


383. 1904/07 ARMY BLOUSE, khaki cotton service coat with 1902 buttons, gusset pockets, and pointed cuffs and a stand/fall collar. 1905 pattern Infantry crossed rifle insignia, "16" over "C" are on each side of the collar. VG condt


386. MODEL 1905 SHOVEL CASE AND 1905 SHOVEL, the case is stenciled with" crossed rifles, 28, & 5th sqd" and stamped R.I.A. & 1908. The shovel is stamped US and is the scarcer early pre 1910 shovel with the spade portion having the handle support on only one side. Good-VG condt


387. 1907 INFANTRY CANTEEN, rare last of the early style round canteens and which was made specifically for infantry use. . Khaki canvas covered and made with out the side sling loops but with a canvas "Y" strap with a belt hook sewn directly on to the canteen cover in back so it can be carried on the 1903 cartridge belt. The cover is marked R.I.A. 1910 and also stenciled MONT. with some other markings inked out. On the back is stencled, 3 D CO. The canteen has a partial chain with a repro cork. About good to VG condt


388. 1905 BAYONET & 1905 SCABBARD, the bayonet blade has about 65% blue remaining and marked SA , 1908 with serial # 255503. The scabbard is the 1905 leather covered model with the early spring (Krag) type belt attachment, and it's dated 1907. Excl condt


390. MODEL 1904 FIRST AID POUCH, this is the first model, 2nd pattern pouch with two snap buttons in the front and gromments in the canvas in the back to secure the brass wire belt attachment. The pouch has crossed cannons with the numbers 38, above and 101 below, stenclied on the back. VG cond


391. MODEL 1908-12 INFANTRY ARMY TROUSERS, early style, light OD cotton with lacings to the front, belted back. Good condt


458. 1902 STAR VENT CAMPAIGN HAT. Five pointed star vent hat that was issued between 1902 and until the 1911 "Montana Peak" hat came out in 1911. The Hat is as issued, regulation, and complete with original hat band and sweatband and a light blue Inf. Hat cord.. Stamped on the underside of the sweat band is the Contractor's name of "W F Pippy, contract June 8, 1906 as well as the soldier's name, "P F Moyer", written in ink. The edge of the brim is turned under and has two lines of stitching. The chin strap holes are reinforced with felt and the original chin strap is present. There is some moth tracking on the underside of the brim only which does not detract from the appearance of the hat, the rest of the hat is in very good to excellent condt.


588. MODEL 1902 US ARMY MARCHING SHOES, . Russet leather, ankle high with 8 grommets. Canvas lined with capped toes and leather soles and heels. There are is a makers name, Charls A Eaton Co and contract numbers on the lining by the ankle but they are difficult to read. The leather is soft and pliable with wear to the heels and the soles on each shoe apparently had worn area where a piece of leather was added to cover the area. Overall the shoes are in very good condition. Until the adoption of the heavy trench campaign "Pershing" type shoe in 1917 these shoes were the standard field campaign shoes of the early 1900's ie: Philippines, Mexican Border War, etc and are scarce


600. ROCK ISLAND 1903 RIFLE. Early serial number #4664 with a correct 2-06 dated bbl that was once in early 30-03 cal. but had been converted to 30-06 by the arsenal. The barrel still retains the split rear sight collar.. The finish on the receiver has mostly turned a molted gray/patina coloring but there's about 95% original blued finish under the wood. No pitting anywhere. It has the non sight groove hand guard that has been updated post 1908, with clips. The bolt appears original to it and the rear windage knob is the smaller one. The sight leaf is the 1905 2nd type but the slide is the 1st type having the platinum sighting line. .It has the correct long pointed trigger and is in an early straight cut, single bolt, "KSM" cartouche, ( Kelly S Morse, 1893-1915) Springfield stock that has a smooth butt plate. A nice pre 1910, 1903 Rock Island 1903.


601. SAW to 1910 shelter half/ blanket roll. Scarce shelter half (tent) of the pattern that was manufactured mid 1898 through 1910 in drab (khaki) color and with the Williams 1898 patent grommets. The shelter is marked Schuylkill Arsenal QMD 1902, and has crossed sabers with 7th and AD@ ink stamped on it . There are some period repairs/patches on it as well as a number of paint splatters but overall it is still in VG condt. It is complete with it>s original two piece tent pole, four pegs and the tent rope. The brass adjuster on the rope has a patent date of Nov, 30, 80. It also has it=s four original Williams patent straps with the brass buckles on them. The straps were also used to secure the shelter half when it was rolled up in a A horseshoe roll and carried over the shoulder. This is as complete an issue shelter half grouping as you can find.


619. 1901 COLT REVOLVER, COLT 1894 US ARMY REVOLVER, stamped Colt DA 38 on the barrel and US Army Model 1901 on the bottom of the grip. Serial # 197149. R.A.C. is stamped on the cylinder and on the frame along with AKSM@ on the side of the grip. Has #643 lanyard on it. Value not including the lanyard,


620. US ARMY 38 REVOLVER HOLSTER . Brown leather, dated 1907 with inspector stamps. Made for 38 Long Colt 1894 pattern revolver. Excl condt.


631. MODEL 1903 CARTRIDGE BELT SUSPENDERS. Rare 1st pattern, 1903 Mills cartridge belt suspenders. These are the first suspenders made. They are in mint, un-used condt.


643. 1903 MODEL REVOLVER/PISTOL LANYARD. Scare early lanyard dated 1903, excl condt


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Great Ray

Do you have any close ups and story on the 03. How did such an early # conversion(30-03 to 30-06) survive in that condition? copdoc

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Great Ray

Do you have any close ups and story on the 03. How did such an early # conversion(30-03 to 30-06) survive in that condition? copdoc


I'm glad you brought the RIA 1903 description to my attention as I need to update it. I have since gotten a correct RIA stock for it with a 1908 dated cartouche. I was lucky as these early RIA stocks are scarcer then hens teeth to find. There aren't a lot of these pre 1910 03's that have survived with out being arsenal redone a number of times. The original ones are fairly rare. Also found a M1907 leather sling that has a 1907 date on it. First year of production and matches the rifle dates, Ray







600. ROCK ISLAND 1903 RIFLE. A very early #4664 serial number. The barrel is stamped RIA and dated 2-06. This is an early rifle that was originally to be made as a rod bayonet rifle and was completely disassembled by the arsenal when the rod bayonet was canceled. The barrel was originally in 30-03 cal. It was converted to 30-06 and the rifle completely re-assembled circa 1907-1908. (See Canfield). The barrel has the early split rear sight collar and the 30-06 conversion marks, and the stock is an early made 1908 stock cut for the split sight collar only. Later 1908 dated stocks have the cut out for the full sight collar. The 30-06 sight still has the early 1st type slide with the platinum sighting line and a smaller windage knob. A “non sight groove” hand guard with two clips and a correct long pointed trigger and a correct early RIA bolt. The original finish on the receiver has mostly turned a molted gray/patina coloring but there's about 90% original blue/black finish under the wood. The stock is in excellent condition with a deep “CN” 1908 cartouche, no reinforcement bolt, high wood, and “P” proofed with an “S” on the tip. The rifle is complete with a 1907 dated, first year of mfg. M1907 Rock Island made leather sling. A text book example of an early arsenal assembled Rock Island 1903, with a very rare first year manufactured 1907 sling


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with the platinum sighting line

Very nice early 03 that still has the "night sights"

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Stunning...just stunning.

Everytime I see your collection pics I see somthing in there I didn't see before.


what's the story on the US "star of stars" flag?

Collector of WWI & WWII Home Front Flags, Unit Flags & Guidons,US & German helmets, insignia, uniforms, medals,

Women's Military Uniforms,Wisconsin Vocational School made Fighting Knives.

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what's the story on the US "star of stars" flag?


Not sure which one you're referring to Jerry. So I'll give you a run down on the flags. so here they all are.


The one behind the three CW figures is a 35 star flag, 5' X 8' in size, hand sewn stars and marked on the hoist area is 10th NH Inf. Excl condt


The one behind the CW officer is a 31 STAR FLAG, size 6-1/2" X 7-1/2", all silk with the stars sewn in a large star pattern. It's identified as made by the ladies of Elgin, IL, and presented to a Elgin militia unit called the Washington Continental Artillery Company in 1857 which became CO A, 36th Regt. IL and the flag was carried by the unit to Camp Hammond in 1861. The flag is about 95% intact and displayed folded in a large wooden frame displaying the union.


The one behind the 1870's figure is a 34 STAR FLAG, size 6' X 4", the red stripes and the stars are linen, the union is bunting. The white stripes were silk but the silk had disintegrated with only remnants of the silk material remaining. The flag has been backed with a white cotton material that as viewed when the flag is hung on a wall substitutes for the white stripes. Hand sewn stars on both sides. The fly end is tattered with some end material missing. The flag was stored with the 31 star flag from Elgin, Il.


The one folded on top of the cabinet is a 36 STAR FLAG, large 15-1/2' X 10-1/2' flag that was flown over the Village of Richmond, IL during the civil war by a resident named James Bacon. Hand sewn stars on both sides with two stars missing from one side, excl condt.


The flag behind the 1880's figure is a 37 STAR FLAG. This is a Custer period flag as the 37 stared flags were superceded by the 38 star flag approx. one month after Custer's battle. The flag has one large star in the center surrounded by other stars, size is 6-1/2' X 4'. The seller said it was made by the women of Rushville IL. and had a newspaper with the names of the women who made it but cannot find it Some of the stars have the initials of the women sewn on them The union is a double layer of bunting back to back with the stars sewn on each side. The flag is missing one star on one side. The star pattern indicates where the star should be. The flag has thin brass rings sewn to the hoist and two red 24" cords with tassels. Some minor tears and slight fading otherwise the flag is an excellent early Indian war period flag.


The flag behind the German paratrooper on his left is a CONFEDERATE FLAG, first nation pattern, 36" X 50 with eleven stars in a circle, close weave cotton heavy cotton material. Flag is hand sewn and dyed made of two faces sewn together back to back, hoist had been cut off The flag apparently had hung on a wall for years as there are three nail holes at the top of the flag with one squared nail remaining. The side that faced away from the wall is more faded then the other side and the hoist had been cut off prior to hanging on the wall as fading of the cloth indicates. Purchased by an antique dealer from a house in WI whose occupants had come from the south. The flag is probably a UCVeterans flag and not CW period.


I think That covers it, Ray



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Okay, continuing on the close-ups and descriptions as requested.








300. M1910 CARTRIDGE BELT, 1918 dated tan Mills mfg belt with 10 puckered style pockets having lift the dot snaps. On the belt is a 1918 dated first aid pouch w/1916 dated metal packet. The belt contains 38 rds of military 1918 dated 30-06 cartridges in five shot clips. VG condt


301. WWI HELMET, sand finished with complete liner and chin strap. the helmet is about mint condt.


302. WWI BACKPACK, model 1910 dated 1918. Complete with meat can pouch and blanket tail extension. excl condt


303. WWI ENTRENCHING TOOL, model 1910 stamped US, with WWI cover, good condt


357. 1905 BAYONET & SCABBARD, the blued bayonet blade is stamped SA, serial # 830470, and dated 1918 and the model 1910 canvas covered scabbard is also dated 1918. Both excl condt


392. 1917 TRENCH KNIFE & SCABBARD, first model with a triangular blade, wooden handle and a steel "D" guard with 6 pyramid shaped studs stamped in it. The knife is marked U.S. L.F.& C. and dated 1917. Green painted leather scabbard marked Jewell 1918, with a metal throat and drag. Excl condt with about 95% blue remaining on knife


394. US 1917 ENFIELD, 30/06 cal. Remington mfg, Serial # 213043, bbl dated 3-18. About mint and untouched condition with about 99% original blue/black finish still remaining with only the bbl bands and trigger guard starting to turn a plumb brown in color. The rifle is unfired with only minor handling blemishes on the stock. There is still cosmoline in the chamber and under the wood. All the correct mfg and inspector stampings are present on the wood and metal and are deep and sharp. Two of the eagle proof marks are stamped with the same inspector=s number, one on the stock and one on the back of the receiver. The rifle is in all correct, untouched, and all original condition as manufactured and shipped from the Remington factory. It's complete with a 1918 dated leather sling which appears to be the one issued with the rifle.


471. WWI ARMY JACKET, wool OD EM M1912 pattern. Has a 7th Div. Patch on the shoulder and PFC stripe and two hash marks. The red from the Div patch had run and stained the area near the patch otherwise in excellent condition with no mothing. About 36-38 size

472. WWI TROUSERS, EM wool OD trousers with lace holes


503. WWI MODEL 1917 ARMY SHOES, "Pershing" style, ankle high, rough out leather shoes, complete with hob nails and toe and heel plates. The shoes are well marked and appear to have been only very slightly worn. Deeply stamped on sole is, "No. 146M, Q.M.C.U.S.A., 8-1/2E". Still present and very readable are the ink stampings inside the ankle area on the lining "R..P. Mazzard Co". and under that, "8-E 6087", under that, "Boston Depot, SPEC.1324-CONT.2763-B75.. . Generally these stamps are worn off after only a short time. On the other side in the leather is "81/2 E" and the number " 10" in a box. All the brass eyelets, rawhide laces, and hobnails are still intact. Excl plus condt...


504. WWI Puttees. Wool wrap around Puttees






154. MODEL 1896 KRAG CARBINE, early model 96 carbine. Does not have the word "model" stamped before the year, serial # 32292. There is no cartouche visible but the "P" on underside of the stock is present. The bluing is thin or gone from use and age but the metal still has sharp edges and deep markings. The stock has a oval type design, about 2" in size, carved in the left side. Some light patches of pitting. Overall a nice used Spanish American War period carbine in Good to VG condition


274. IW JACKET, dark blue wool early federal issue mod 1884 five button blouse. Federal eagle buttons with a gray-blue wool lining. Depot markings and soldiers name and initials in the sleeve Material in excl plus condt with no noticable moth holes


295. IW/SAW CARBINE SLING, model 1885 over the shoulder carbine sling for the 45/70&30/40 carbines. Black leather 1-1/2" wide with a 2" square brass buckle and brass tip VG cond


306. 1894 CAVALRY BELT WITH ATTACHED SABER STRAPS, Mills blue web belt with both brass slides and proper C type catch. The belt has 12 double loops for 38 revolver ammunition and 50 double loops for 100 rds of 30/40 Krag ammunition, (there are 20 Frankfort arsenal 1898 dated 30/40 original cartridges in the belt).. The belt is complete with the riveted on saber billet and wire "D" ring. The small dismounted hook is missing . Hooked onto the “D” ring is a 1885 pattern saber strap attachment (large brass hook with two leather straps). Large white numbers "150" are painted on the inside of the belt. The belt has some fraying in the front by the catch from use and the color is slightly faded but otherwise V G condt overall as is the 1885 saber attachment. These blue belts were used by the federal troops during the SAW.


308. S.A.W. LEGGINGS, 16" high canvas leggings linned with a gray felt material. Excl Condt


310. IW/S.A.W CANTEEN AND STRAP, pewter mouth piece, original cork and chain, canvas cover marked "US" and the number "61". The canteen cover is clean with no bad staining, the cork ring and metal are rusted. Complete with correct issue narrow black leather canteen sling. VG cond


480. 1885 CAMPAIGN HAT, regulation issue style, 6" crown complete with proper 5/8" hatband, 2-1/8" thin wide sweatband with large letters "USA" embossed in it, snowflake side vents, and three lines of stitching on the brim, size 7-1/8. There is a hole added by the soldier, in the brim, by the crown on each side for a chin strap. The chinstrap is still attached and appears to be made from a hat cord. There is slight tearing of the material by the holes. There is almost no insect damage or staining. Overall the hat is in excellent plus condt


497. SAW GUANTLETS, Grayish/Tan gloves/guantlets. The large cuffs have scalloped stitching design and there is a small original size tag in one of them that looks like either a 6 or 9. The gloves appear to be size 9. .The finger tips are a little soiled and a couple of small stains on the gloves but overall the gloves are in excellent plus condt and could still be worn


522. US ARMY 1892 HOLSTER, pre 1900 S.A.W. period black leather holster for the model 1892 colt double action 38 cal. revolver. There is an oval "US" on the front body and Rock Island Arsenal markings on the flap cover. The holster had been worn and the outline of the 92 revolver still remains. The US and Rock Island markings are good and visible. The holster leather is in excellent plus condition with no cracking or flaking and it has it's original bottom plug


399. IW TROUSERS, well made private purchase heavy wool sky blue 1883/88 pattern trousers, type used up to and during the S.A.W. The trousers have a belted back, two front pockets, a watch pocket, and one back pocket. They have black japanned suspender and fly buttons and are of a fairly large size. Excl condt


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314. M1 GARAND, All original and correct July 1943 mfg, serial #1843672 with about 95% original Parkerizing remaining. The stock has been lightly sanded but original and correct cartouches are still visible. Complete with early leather sling. (#433) Excl plus condt


319. WWII ARMY SHOES, ankle high, capped toe, brown leather shoes marked US Army on the sole. Depot and contract marking with date of Dec 18, 1942 inside shoe, size 11-1/2 B. Unused mint condition


331. M1923 CARTRIDGE BELT & FIRST AID POUCH, Kaki colored 10 pocket belt made for the 03 or M1, marked Boyd, 42 & US stamped on one pocket. The first aid pouch and metal bandage packet are dated 1917. All are in Excl condt


332. M1941 FIELD JACKET, original QM tag in pocket dated 3-17-42 & marked 34R, but fits about a size 38-39. Once had sgt stripes on it and has a Lt's name in it. Very slighty used and in excl plus condt


334. WWII WOOL OD UNIFORM PANTS, US Army, size 33 X 33. Excl condt


338. WWII LEGGINGS, dated 1942, Size 3R


339. WWII OD WOOL EM SHIRT, US army, size 15 X 34. Excl condt


346. 1936 CARTRIDGE BELT SUSPENDERS, early khaki D ring suspenders, VG condt


349. WWII ASSAULT GAS MASK CASE, rubberized air tight case for the M5 gas mask, Issued only for assault forces as the case serves as a life preserver as well. Marked "Army Combat Service Gas Mask. Excl


350. WWII AMMO BANDOLEER, six pocket, early war light khaki cloth bandoleer, no markings. Contains six M1 clips, minus 2 rounds, of 1942 dated 30-06 rounds.


353. WWII WRIST COMPASS, khaki plastic marked Corp of Engineers Corps on the back. Khaki cloth wrist strap.




433. MODEL 1907 RIFLE SLING, WWII period stamped Boydt 42, VG-Excellent $65.00


595. WWII 1905 BAYONET & SCABBARD. P.A.L. Mfg. parkerized 16@ blade with black plastic grips dated 1943 with correct fiber scabbard. About mint and unused condition.


650. WWII EARLY FIXED bail HELMET W/ HAWLEY LINER. Excellent plus M1 fixed bail helmet with an excellent plus early 1st pattern Hawley fiber helmet liner which still has it=s early un-detachable chin strap, rayon sweatband and headband. The helmet is complete with a helmet net and goggles.


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Here's the last of the manikin displays







(1898 S.A.W.)


347. ARTILLERY 1881 HOLSTER 1881 model government altered to fit the 5-1/2" artillery model Colt S.A. Black leather with a US in oval, medium size belt loop and has original bottom plug. The surface finish has overall cracking with some flaking but the body is still solid not flattened and the leather is strong and in VG good condition


569. SAW 1898 TUNIC. First pattern khaki tunic with the collar, pocket flaps and sleeve trim in Inf. lt. blue. Coat is fairly well worn, some what soiled and has some fading to the blue trim on the sleeves and collar. The left sleeve and front of the collar have some stains on it that could possible be blood stains with the stain on the collar originating from the inside. Written inside is Gust. Marshner" Co H. 3d and only a W. The last two letters following the W are unreadable. He served in the 3rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, Company H, with was from Menomonee Wis.


396. MILLS 45/70 BELT WITH 1887 PLATE. An early blue belt with 45 loops, ( 30/40 cartridges can be carried in it). The belt has four brass grommets on one side and oil cloth re-enforced ends not the later post 1894 brass keeper ends. The plate is an original stamped 1887 plate having 1881 Mills markings. The blue is slightly faded and the plate has a deep patina. Overall VG condt


404. S.A.W. LEGGINGS, 16" high canvas leggings. Excl Condt


410. I’d S.A.W. HAVERSACK, MESS KIT, & WALLET. A US stenciled 1878 haversack and black leather sling . The haversack contains an 1874 3rd pattern meat can, utensils, wallet, and an abdomen bandage.. Written in black ink on the front flap of the haversack and in red ink under the flap, is "F. Chase Crider, Hospital Steward, 2nd Div., 1st Corp". Lightly scratched in the metal of the meat can on one side is his name, unit, date ("May 14, 1898") and on the other side, his name, unit, 1898, and the names of a number of camps he apparently was stationed at. The fork has his initials scratched in the handle. Both the fork and knife are the 1874 pattern with black painted handles and stamped US and are in the leather sheaths, the spoon has his name, date ("Aug 98"), and "Huntington W", scratched in the bowl. Also in the haversack is his brown leather wrap around wallet. On one of the inside flaps of the wallet in red and black ink, are two hand drawn crossed flags, one American and the other a Cuban. Porto Rico or Philippians flag. At the top of the flags are written 29th USVI and the dates 8-99, 4-98, 2-99. Along the bottom are the initials H.S. (Hospital steward) and what appears to be "10th W. Va". On the other flap is his name "Floyd C. Crider and Huntington W. Va. 1896, Hosp Stewd. 29th USV, Ft Mc Pherson, La.". There are also other dates and numbers. Archives records list him in three battle engagements in the Philippians, (Montalbon Luzon, Palanog Masbate, & Caraman Samar) as well as several expeditions. A well identified haversack and contents and all are in Excl Plus condt


426. 45/70 SPRINGFIELD SLING. Leather sling 681/2@ long with a Brass two finger fastener on one end and a brass button on the other. Rock Island Arsenal marked with inspector marks AE. P@ stamped on button end. Excl condt


439. COLT SAA ARMY AARTILLERY@ REVOLVER, 45 cal, 5-1/2" bbl. US marked R.A.C. inspected frame with serial number #132288. Colt letter confirms sale to US Government in 1890. Trigger guard serial number #82232, and backstrap serial number #56725. Early Ainsworth (AA@) marked cylinder. Cleveland inspected bbl with lines before and after the address. Proof letter AP@ and partial JTC stamp visible on the bbl. Three line patent dates and bullseye ejector head, wood grips with faint out lines of both cartouches. Nice patina on metal, right side of the frame has some light pitting. VG condt


442. 45/70 SPRINGFIELD BAYONET & SCABBARD. The blade is stamped US and the bayonet is close to mint condition with about 98% original blue. The scabbard frog has a brass hook and US medallion and the leather and brass are in excl plus condition


460 1873/79 SPRINGFIELD RIFLE, unfired model 1879 Springfield, serial # 198718. About near mint unissued condt. Deep 1882 dated stock cartouche in a mint stock. The metal has about 99% blue with only a little wear near the muzzle from being hung on a wall with a bayonet on it. The receiver and breech block have 100% bright case colors. About as good as they get and a model 1879 in this condition is much scarcer then a model 1884 in like condition.


461. IW/S.A.W CANTEEN AND STRAP, pewter mouth piece, original cork and chain, canvas cover marked "US". The canteen cover is clean with just some spots of light staining. Complete with correct issue narrow black leather canteen sling. VG condt


585. S.A.W TROUSERS, infantry straight leg cotton khaki trousers. These are 1885 pattern trousers but made in cotton instead of wool and they are the first pattern US Army khaki trousers adopted in 1898 with the 1898 khaki tunic. They were only issue for a year or so until the breech style of trousers replaced them.. They have slightly flared cuffs and the rise in the back waist, two front pockets no rear pockets and made for suspenders only. Some suspender and fly buttons have been replaced and the two suspender buttons in the back are missing. About 32" waist and 32" length. These are the first pattern US Army khaki trousers that were introduced in 1898 and were regulation issue These straight leg trousers are very rare. Excellent condt


642. 1885 CAMPAIGN HAT. A nice snowflake pattern campaign hat with a blue Infantry cord and a brass crossed rifle insignia with a “3” and a “B” on the front. Original sweat band and hat ribbon. The hat has some small tears in the crown, mostly in or by the crease, and there is some minor insect tracking in the material. Overall though, the hat is a nice untouched specimen.


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