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How to March in a Parade (WWII)?

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I have some questions concerning women and parades as I'm going to act as a squad leader of a group of ANC & WAC reenactors (about 10) during a victory parade.

1) Would you even address a group of 10 women as "squad"?
I am aware that they never marched in such small groups but this is how many ladies volunteered for the parade.

2) What position would the leader take? In front of the group (right / middle / left?) or rather at the side?

3) With 10 ladies or so, should I direct them to form themselves in two, three or four ranks?

4) Let's say that a street turns right / left. Do you order your unit to change direction or does it simply follow the steps of the formation?


5) Do you normally march at normal or close interval?

Any help would be appreciated. I went though the pamphelts already but I couldn't the information above.

Many thanks!


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just like a drill Sgt. Watch full metal jacket. Watch the formations march in the graduating class. Or if you have an officers guide. Drill has not changed in 100 years.

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This advice is based on experience maneuvering people in a parade situation that may not be too familiar with marching in formation. It is not from any drill book.


1. Squad is fine


2. It actually depends on the maneuver the squad is performing but generally even with the front rank and, if passing in review, on the side closest to the reviewing officer.


3. two files/ranks is best. It would also depend on what formations other parade participants are taking.


4. Unless it's a hard 90 degree turn, the files just "guide" along the street.


5. With so few of you I would stay at normal intervals.


Have fun and I hope it doesn't rain!


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Cool. If it's the same parade we'll be in, you should know that we'll be marching in 3 ranks/files/columns (take your pick of the term to use).


We might through the rulebook out the window on the day and march all the officers at the front of the whole column as one separate group. But we'll decide that on the day, as we may keep the Infantry Platoons and the Recon Platoons in seperate elements with their own officers leading, as per the rulebook...


Just in case you want to match this. :)

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