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A Vintage Article About ASMIC

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Had to post this article from the November 1976 issue of Soldiers Magazine on ASMIC, the then Major William K. Emerson, and a Lady named Ann Betts.


(please forgive, as these image are large, making me post each page separately)


Page 1



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I've heard of her before Bob, even back when I joined in 2003 I remember hearing about her collection.


Great article that nails exactly what ASMIC is about.

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Actively looking for U.S. Army Run/Swim/Walk For Your Life patches.


Treasurer, ASMIC




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Marge kept her patches on large poster boards. After she passed away little by little the boards have been coming out for sale.


I believe the blankets were Bill Emerson's and they have been sold off years ago and the patches stripped off of them.


"A militaria show is a social event for anti-socials" - A.T. 2008

ASMIC Executive President

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I use to trade with Annie when I would go to the Fort Belvoir meets before she retired as Director.  Her DI collection was mounted at the Rec Center for all to see.  One she displayed her Engineer collection and it was a fantastic collection.  I was told that the DI collection went to the QM Museum at Fort Lee, VA.  As for her cloth collection, I don't know what happen to it.  In addition to her military collection, she also collected Red Cross pins.



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