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Need help IDing this squadron patch

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Thanks to Johnny Signor I've just located the patch in Maurer. When you need help in IDing a patch, or anyhting else in US militaria for that matter, USMF

is clearly the place to go. Thanks again Johnny!

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Always Glad to help with ID's of patches when I can , I see you already found it in Mauer & Mauer's book as I was going to suggest there :D


Btw, that is a very Cool emblem , seeing as it has the "23" on it , it's possible it could be the earlier unit designation via the Mauer & Mauer info !

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You can download both the Squadron one and the Group ones here ,

Suqadrons- afhso.af.mil/shared/media/document/AFD-101202.pdf


Groups- (type on search bar) aafcollection.info , then click "View items" then scroll down to #6 click and then download the PDF .(AFD-100921-044)

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