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Trying to date Post WWI picture of Marine with A5 scoped 1903


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I'm trying to date this pic by the uniform. The rifle is for sure an early 1903. You cannot see any stock reiniforcing screws and it is a highwood with straight bolt.


But that uniform I believe is post WWI. It's a button up full length shirt that looks wool, and also that chevron I believe was only used post WWI.



I believe this is either 20's or possibly as new as the 30's.


What do you guys think? And if you could, what is the earliest it could possibly be? Basically what year did they start wearing that style shirt, and what year did they switch to the small size chevron like that instead of the big style you see in WWI. Also what is the lastest this style unfiorm could have been worn? Probably all the way up till WWII?


Any help would be appreciated. I tried searching it in google but coudln't find anything definite.



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I think the chevron was changed during the war on field uniforms, 1922 on blues. I have owned full button shirts from WW1 but they were private purchase.

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That is all standard 1912 Regulation uniform items, including the shirt. Latest would've been circa 1930 or so as the 1929 Uniform changes took effect. Something about those trousers don't look like the earlier type trousers.


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Khe Sanh68

It's looks to be a Marine? I see a EGA on his campaign hat. My guess would be 1937

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