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Here's a mystery for you all...

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I posted this elsewhere but didn't get a positive I.D. Perhaps some of the experts here will know what it is.


This pouch is about 8 inches by 5 inches (rough estimate) and is made completely out of canvas, no nylon here. As can be seen, it has a horizontal strap on the back and another strap on the front flap. A little more difficult to see is a small pocket under the flap. I am able to stick my finger into the small pocket about an inch. The entire pouch is somewhat greasy. No visible markings.

My thoughts are this: it is a weapon-related bag (because of the grease) from late-WW2 or sometime post-war. Anyone?






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I'd be willing to bet that it's a spare parts pouch for a gasoline powered generator. The small outer strap is to attach it to the frame of the generator. I have one similar to it for a US Navy radio generator.




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