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Got these Vietnam plaques and medal documents at estate sale

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I had a local dealer call me 3 times last week to view a sale early and help her price some stuff, I was getting 14 hours a day at work and couldn't make it. I got these plaques when I finally did get pictures from her on the day of the sale, I missed the macv/sog and command and control central, south and north plaques! next time I'm taking off work! they did miss the medal document under a pile of papers though! All were to an air force colonel/pilot that served from ww2 through Vietnam!I hope to meet him and chat next week.He sounds like one helluva interesting guy!


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I think I would definitely leave work for the 2 plaques you missed but you still got some great ones anyway. It looks like the colonel was was involved in MacV/SOG The 20th SOS supported special operations in Vietnam and Cambodia. The US Naval Advisors det. Danang was a MacV asset that supported the Coastal Security Service sabotage ops. The first document is SVN Distinguished Service order I believe. Any great pieces . Thanks for sharing

Regards, Mitch

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I didn't miss 2 plaques, I missed 4 ;[ lol. ccs, ccn,andccc all with the skull and flash and the macv sog plaque had 2 little spooks on the top, they appeared to be mint from the pics.I guess they were all given to him in appreciation of working with them when he left. I couldn't believe these were still there when I finally got there.I have called everyone I know to see if they got the others to see if I could buy them but no luck, to make matters worse, I believe 2 different people each got 2 of them.

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I'm not a plaque collector,but you got some really nice ones there.Most plaques I've seen are for the "usual" units,but you have some unusual ones.Looks like this guy was rubbing elbows with alot of serious players in the "Southeast Asia War Games" :lol: Those plaques are like a "Who's who" of the Spec Ops community during that time frame.That's too bad about missing out on the SF ones,getting them all would've been quite the hat trick,but at least you got some of them!



If you do get to meet the original owner,my advice would be to take some notes,maybe even video your talk with him,as he looks to be a real "interesting" fellow,if you know what I mean. ;)

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Awesome group of plaques.The 1st plaque shows 1st FLT.If I remember right there is a thread about that unit.It was some ultra secret group in Vietnam? https://medium.com/war-is-boring/america-and-taiwan-had-a-secret-transport-squadron-in-vietnam-9a80b1c729cf


I did find a Louis B. Franklin (USAF) that was Deputy Chief MACV-SOG in 1970.



ASMIC #1098


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