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My "Man Cave" - Gulf War, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan Stuff


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For about the 23 years Dee and I have been married she's tried to convince me to put some of my military photos, certificates/awards and memorabilia up - which I always declined to do for my own reasons.

Five years ago we moved into a large home with a nice private office for me to hang out in, however which sort of became a storage room for totes and boxes.


While I was in Afghanistan in 2011 my wife cleared out the stored stuff, painted the room and bought some nice office furniture and bookshelves.

Here it is a couple years later and I finally decided to put my "man cave" together.



I served 28 years in the Army (6 years as a Reservist and 22 on Active Duty), as well as another 5 years as a defense contractor. For the last two years I've been a full-time "papaw" - caring for my special needs grandson.

My walls have become extremely 'busy' however everything I've dug out of storage (photos and old military stuff) has meaning to me and memories - some fond and some not.


I'll be posting this in several 'replies,' as there are about 40 photos I'm posting (and I'm sure that there will likely be some redundancies).



My "Man Cave" -






This is sort of my Paratrooper wall. I was on Jump status for 16 years, and loved being a Paratrooper. Started with the cool WW2 era "Airborne" pillow case I picked up at an estate sale last year. I've had the parachute static line for several years and decided to incorporate it into this part on my room. -









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Airborne -





This side has a couple of my military plaques, as well as a number of assorted photos and bring-backs. The NVA helmet my father brought back from Vietnam, as well as a number of theater-made souvenir patches, currency and PSYOP leaflets are framed ... next to it are Iraqi helmets I brought back from the Gulf War and IOF, as well as theater-made patches and PSYOP leaflets -





My Army Boot Camp class photo from 1980. Below it is my class photo from the U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy 2005 -





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These are the actual t-shirts I wore deployed overseas, as well as my uniform jackets. The helmets are not the ones I wore while deployed, however the covers, goggles, NVG attachment and other items are -





First Gulf War stuff, to include some of the Iraqi junk I brought home:








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Iraq includes captured Iraqi pistol holsters I brought home:






The spear is a souvenir from one of my several deployments to Kenya in the 1980's -



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These are the Corcoran Jump Boots I bought at Fort Benning GA in 1981 when I graduated the U.S. Army Parachutist School. I wore these throughout my career:





These are a couple Army footlockers I've acquired in recent months, which I use to store militaria I find while out & about (I have several more in storage) -





A few of the caps I wore overseas -





Odds & ends from my travels. The "Hotel Mogadishu" sign was one we had up in our sleeping area in Somalia in '93. Classical reference to The Eagles -





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These are Iraqi leaflets I picked up in Kuwait (Gulf War), intended to discourage U.S. and British forces -







Memorial flyer for one of ours killed in Somalia in '93. Bob was a friend of mine, and although difficult to discern in this photo, he's pictured with me sitting on our HMMWV. Photo was taken a couple weeks before his death -





Among the very first military casualties in the Global War on Terror were two good friends of mine. They were killed in December 2001 during a Coalition airstrike, when a bomb meant for the Taliban landed short.






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PSYOP leaflets I brought home from Somalia -






Some U.S.-dropped PSYOP leaflets I pulled from Iraqi bunkers in Kuwait during the '91 Gulf War:




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Close ups of the leaflets:






Iraqi ID -












Well, that's what I have so far. Pretty damned busy, but I like these items. I'm not finished yet, and will be adding more items. One section I have reserved for family photos, and another for some of the military certificates I'd like to display.


I appreciate your taking time to look these over - Bryan

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I love it, a man cave filled with style and important personal and world history! :D

Please pm me if you have a Vietnam era helmet band.


- The older the war, the younger the soldiers

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Great Man Cave and displays. Congratulations!




Forum Member #1691 since September 2007

Served in the US Army from 1960-80

First Sergeant (Retired)

Vietnam 1967 with 7-15th FA ~ [8"/175mm Gun] First Field Forces

Vietnam 1968 with 1-30th FA ~ [155mm] 1st Cavalry Division [AIRMOBILE]

President & Historian 30th FA Regiment Association ( WWW.HardChargers.Com )

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the 30th Field Artillery Regiment in 2018

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Great display! I love that it displays YOUR history, which from the pictures and information seems very interesting. Hell, you should write a book! I would read it :)


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