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"Wonder Bread" Honor Your Heroes slider

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Hi rrobertscv, thanks for the starter, I have attached a 1945 dated ' Wonderbread' item initially it looks like a small match-book. However is a fold out cardboard book holding little tear out glue sticks to stop nylons running, and theres also a few strands of colored cottons for repairs. the ' Miss Sunbeam is a regular book of matches.


The ' Koesters' bread wrapper is from around the WWII period, it is pattern dated 1935, by ' E.H. Koester Baking Co., Baltimore, MD.' The bread may not still be on sale but I wonder if the company still exists. Cheers ( Lewis )


Young enough to care and enjoy militaria - Old enough to remember as surplus


" Life's too short for reproductions "



Life is like a tank of gas, the closer you get to a quarter tank, the faster it goes 




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