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These are early war Civil Air Patrol chevrons. They were used from about mid 1942 until replaced by regular Army chevrons in late 1944 or early 1945 (I can't remember exactly). These were worn by both Cadets and Senior Members (adults). Red background CAP chevrons are often confused as being Marine Corps, but are Army stripes in shape & color on a red background. Some were produced on twill and some were made on red wool. They are hard to find.

During the war, some CAP insignia was so hard to get, that some members made their own chevrons by removing the stripes from a set of standard Army chevrons and sewing the stripes to a red background to be in compliance with regs. The regs also specifically forbid the use of Marine Corps chevrons. The "home-made" type WWII CAP chevrons are very, very rare.




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