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I had a pretty good SOS...

CNY Militaria

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blitzkrieg gsd

Very nice finds the general uniforms are killer glad you are able to put them in the collection. I know they will be well cared for by you. It was nice to meet you at the show and do some business with you. I came back by on Saturday to say hey but you must have been out on the floor looking for the last day deals. And I understand that glad you found some great items and had a good time in my city. Sure you will be back next year I'll stop by and say hello and maybe spend a little more money with you.


Justin a quick question if you don't mind. Can you tell me about the patch in the Lower left hand side of the case with the medals? It has a mountain range on it looks to be ww2 era. A friend has one and ask me to I'd it for him but I don't have any info on to give him. Then to my surprise I look at your post and there it is.

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I have no interest in this field of collecting but I can see this is beyond quality stuff !!!

You had a GREAT SOS.

It may take a year just to come down from that show.



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CNY Militaria

Any idea on the USAF DSC with RAF DFC?

Yes, ID'd to the officer who led the first daylight bombing raid over Europe, and the LAST bombing raid over Japan. He was the real life inspiration for General Savage in "Twelve O'Clock High!"

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The 8th aircrew ike is a beauty!. If you haven't done so already it might be interesting to check the reverse of the collar discs ;)



Collecting WWII and pre-war Air Corps items-Unit Histories,Uniforms,Medals and Groupings.

*Seeking Pre-WWII Air Corps Officers and Enlisted Dress Uniform items!*




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Very nice uniforms and insignias.

The Major General uniform ( Military Police collar insignia ) have over the right pocket a German Parchutist badge 2nd type 1959-1966




I'm searching for my collection:
White House Service badge and certificate
Presidential Service and Vice Presidential Service badges and certificates
Army Staff (former General Staff) badge, certificate and collar insignia, DoD and JCS badges
Aide de Camp collar insignia ( Army, USAF, USMC )




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