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Louisville. Restaurants and more.

Jennings Lane

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Jennings Lane

If you're fortunate enough to be in Louisville for the big show, you might want a couple of tips from a lifelong Louisville resident.


The Frazier History Museum 829 West Main St Louisville, Ky 502 753-5663

Fabulous collection of 18 and 19th century firearms and more. Beautiful modern facility.




If you want to sample some of the local fare.


Mike Linnigs Seafood Restaurant 9308 Cane Run Road Louisville 502 937-9888


This place is a Louisville landmark. Since 1925. Great seafood and huge portions. Located about thirty minutes from the fairgrounds going west. $10-15.00 per person price range.


Claudia Sanders Dinner House 3202 Shelbyville Rd Simpsonville, Ky 502 633-5600


If you want great southern cooking, this is the place. Located about thirty minutes from fairground going east. Founded by Harlan and Claudia Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame. $10-15.00 per person price range. Large portions.


There are lots of great restaurants in Louisville, but these are a couple of my favorites. Wouldn't hurt to call first to confirm hours but both are open fairly late.


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