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S.A.W. era Artillery Chore Coat

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About a year ago, I posted this 'chore coat' in the below listed link:

See Frame #9 20 February 2014

At the time, I considered it a custom made article for utilitarian
purposes based upon similar 'chore' type coats.

Now, a year later (almost to the day) an identical one has sold on
Ebay' moreover, that one has a Jeffersonville Depot stamp for receipt
and inspection. These must have been specialty items produced for the
Jeffersonville Depot during the Spanish-American War.


post-1529-0-92684200-1424741038.jpg post-1529-0-96264700-1424741125.jpg

At that time, artillery was pulled by horses so emplacing or limbering
cannon must have been a filthy activity; therefore, a need for this type
of clothing existed to keep regular uniforms clean while performing
work in dirty environments.

As far as I can tell, there does not exist a specification for this coat.

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An interesting post, thank you for putting it up.


This period of clothing is severely under represented (maybe underappreciated?), so I figure it is worth a bump!


Currently looking for WWI items, specifically photos of the 116th infantry regiment, and any material related to the USS Olympia.

Always on the lookout for any rations, miscellaneous personal items, pack filler, care package stuffers, knit Red Cross material, and oddball equipment to supplement the Doughboy display.
Have some extras? I help friends fill out their living history kit, and could always use more loaner gear!

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