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While in Louisville, Adams Ordance Military Store

Jennings Lane

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Jennings Lane

First things first. Welcome to Louisville, Kentucky. The weather has been rough here the past week or two, but it appears to be improving as we get closer to show time. It will be cold, but we can deal with that. That's just another reason to spend more time in the nice warm wing of the fairgrounds where the show is being held. The staff of the facility usually does a good job of having the parking lots clear and they've had a couple of days to work on them.


For those of you that arrive in town early there are a couple of military related stores in town.


One is Adam's Ordnance LLC. 4008-A Champion Trace . They are located about five minutes from the Watterson Expressway and Newburg Road. Ten minutes or less from the fairgrounds.


They have a nice selection of both vintage and modern military. A lot of great ordnance. Also some hard to find reproduction WW2 medical supplies. Lots of modern surplus as well.


They will be vending at the Show of Shows , but are scheduled to be open on Tuesday. Call to be sure.


The owners name is Larry Adams and he can be reached at 502 599-8240



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