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Tiger Cruise booklet? USS Hornet CVS-12 1964


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I picked up an interesting Navy item at the flea market. I THINK this is a presentation book from the Tiger cruise of the USS Hornet CVS-12 from Hawaii to California in 1964. The book is big! It measures about 10.5 x 13" (I had to scan the cover in 2 parts) and has 42 pages. There are numerous B&W and color illustrations on every page. It begins with 2 pages of history on ships named Hornet. Then has 25 pages on the officers and operations of the Hornet using a hunt for a submarine as an example. Then there are 12 pages of scenes in various Japanese cities, Hong Kong, and Hawaii...all ports just visited.


I had never seen a Tiger cruise booklet before, it is almost like a abbreviated cruise book.





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