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Rigger or Bubba made?

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I think it is made from a piece of Belgian webbing, post war and similar to the British pattern.

Perhaps a Belgian member could give us an answer.



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The European militaria market is flooded with strange quasi-P37 webbing, also in Poland. The pouch comes from such a family I showed below, i.e. certainly not from the Commonwealth armed forces.



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First pouch looks identical to a nylon pouch I have mine is Israeli Revolver ammo pouch. Could it be Israeli Pattern 37? I also have Israeli Pattern 37 M16 Pouches, of this weave and color, in my collection.


I suspect that is the origin of the piece in post #1.


It bears a strong resemblance to the two pocket grenade pouches that Israel used in the 1960s-1970s, even down to the multiple snaps to secure the flap in different positions.

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