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Largest Haul Ever! (captured Iraqi uniforms/equipment)

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Cool! Uncommon huh thats great! It has a zipper behind the neck. Does that mean anything? Airborne?


They all have zippers behind the neck. They were used by many different units and are not specific to SF, commando, or airborne. However, I noticed your jacket does not have the button crotch flap. It is sewn to the back and folds forward under the crotch to button in front. The cuffs may be an individual modification. I have a lizard pattern jacket that has modified cuffs. Normally they are button cuffs.Tom




I collect US Army militaria (WWI thru Vietnam). I also collect the history that I have been a part of...Saudi Arabia/Iraq (ODS/ODS), Haiti (OUD), Bosnia (OJE), Iraq (OIF), Afghanistan (OEF 8 and 10), Horn of Africa (OEF), Qatar/Oman (OEF), Germany, Puerto Rico, Italy/Yugoslavia (OPP), Vietnam (4 yrs POW/MIA investigation team).

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