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They Took the Leap of Faith: 50's Chaplain M1C

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I just picked this up at the Maitland militaria show over the weekend, and I'm really surprised I got so lucky. On the way to the show I had remarked that my helmet collection was lacking a Chaplain, well lo and behold the first thing I find is this Chaplain's M1C!


The helmet is a WWII front seam M1C that was taken to bare metal and repainted a glossy olive and had the Chaplain's insignia welded to the shell. There was also an officers bar made of tape on the rear that has long since disappeared. The inside also has "Chaplain" scratched into the paint/steel. The liner is a WWII Westinghouse with a name " James T. _____Way" that I cannot fully make out.



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Chaplains helmets are harder to find than A/B lids so, when you can snag one, you gotta grab it.Nice find!!!!

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