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pictures from my trip to the Bulge


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Some of you maybe have seen my movie that i shot with a drone above Foy. But i also took some pictures. I will share some here. Be aware, there are alot of helmets.



Here are some helmets from the collection of the airborne museum in Bastogne. Which is an awesome museum by the way.






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The enormous memorial in Bastogne.






This next few pictures were taken at the Bastogne Barracks. Its a military base that was used by the 101st AB during the seige. After the war it had different functions from at first back to military base to a shelter for refugees. now its part military base, part vehicle maintainance center and part museum.



This is the actual wall where the picture was take when the command was givin back from McAuliffe to Taylor



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this is the actual bunker where the famous NUTS was said




and a recreation of the christmass diner 1944. There were instructed not to laugh on the picture





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now some pictures of the 44 museum in La Gleize. I was there 4 years ago, but the complete museum is redone and rebuild. What a great collection!!







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Johan Willaert

M10 tank in La Roche and Ardennes, Panther in euhm.. small village, and Tiger II in La Gleize

Nice pictures, Robby!


The Panther is in Houffalize, roughly 10 miles North of Bastogne and the M10 in La Roche is actually a British Achilles TD, equipped with a 17Pdr Gun

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