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WW2 57mm HE lamp, makes me feel fuzzy!


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Found this yesterday, I've always looked for ordnance, trench art I think is cool, but when I find a trench art piece where they didn't totally destroy a piece of nice ordnance I try to get it. Here is a late war 57mm HE round, these aren't the easiest rounds to find, the fuzes are even harder. I have been looking for 57mm stuff off and on over the years and I hit pay dirt about a month ago, it was a normal AT round. then I found this one, I was like "wow another 57, I hope they didn't destroy it" I got lucky, the only thing they did was thread the tip if the fuze, drilled a tiny hole for the cord and attached the base through the primer hole. I won't take it apart because it's cool, and plus I can use it for something besides a dust collector. LOL Thought I'd share it with you all. especially since the T18 round is a hard one to find.



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