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thought i hit the jackpot! But maybe i did!


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Got these the other day, I've never had any guidons so don't really know what I'm looking at. I thought "MAN!! 8th infantry!! they went in on D-DAY!!" ......then............I found the makers tag and it's dated 1984. BUT!!! then I went "hey the 20th artillery battalion was with the 4ID to and THEY went in on D-DAY!!!!!" ..... then I found the QM tag, washed out. bummer but it looks WW2. Neither one glows but I think the way they made the artillery one was strange since the opposite side is backwards LOL The artillery one is definitely older. Let me know your thoughts on if it's WW2 please.



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tags, the 8th inf reg is marked defense support personal command and the date inked in. The 20th QM tag is washed out.



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