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What kind of helmet for the Special forces?


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,what kind of helmet are SF members using today?normal MSA MICH,the SDS model , the Gentex TBH II side cut helmet,or the so called "tanker helmet" DH 132 modified?

Thanks in advance to everybody for any kind of information and also picture that will be posted in reply tomy question.

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I cant say for sure but I would think the SF would wear what ever the mission required or the individual preffered.I see in Afghanistan the MICH hekmet in photos where the SF are wearing helmets.A friend was at Bagrahm Air Base a couple years back and sent a couple pics to me and some were SF guys.They had the MICH helmets.


One pic he sent was a group of operators heading out on christmas day.They were all SF guys and heavily loaded.They were alll wearing Santa Claus hats.Now thats my form of spreading good will and new years cheer to the taliban.



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