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2 Buckle Artic Overshoes

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Hey t_player, If these were the 4 buckle version of the Arctic Overshoe, I would say the are relatively common in mint condition like you show. But after I did a double take, I have never heard of or seen the two buckle version like what you show. They are shorter than the four buckle pair and being 1940 dated, I assume that they were an early version of the overshoe. I would say these are rare, especially with them being in mint condition with the tags still in them. Congrats on you find!!



"No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor, dumb, bastard die for his country" George Pattons speech to the Third Army.



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Thinks Bob for your opinion. Date wise like you say these probably were introduced before the 4 buckle cloth top. The two buckles on these have a much wider gap between them then found on the four buckle cloth top also.

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The double buckle cloth overshoe was a pre/early war item, gradually replaced by the rubber and cloth four buckle types.
It is getting harder, but they can still be found in mint condition. All the pairs I have seen were spec.20-6A Revised.

Always looking for mint condition WW2 US combat gear, equipment, helmets and uniforms -

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