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This is the Forum for Bases, Airfields, Facilities and Industrial Sites.


All across America, and overseas as well, are places that contributed to America's war efforts, mobilization, and wartime production. These are not museums or battlefields, but in some cases they are just as significant.


Some are still in use, while others have been converted to civilian use. Still more are rusting away or returning to nature without so much as a sign or market commemorating their former role.


We've had a number of posts on such places before as people have shared their travel stories. Often these have in turn brought out the memories of those who served or worked there.


The title is not meant to limit what can be posted here. Other topics include camps, shipyards, National Guard Armories, radar sites, training areas, Coast Guard stations, Nike missile sites, former R&R locations, Kasernes, etc.


Please note the Forum is not encouraging anyone to commit trespass. Some of these locations are still on military reservations or on private land. Special permission or a military ID might be required in order to access them.

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