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Female Fixed Bail, Parachute, Patches, AAF Ike, AAF Cloth Map, WWII Navy Pilots Group

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Got all this stuff today when I went "shopping" today. I needed clothes and I stop at the military store too! :)


-Female Fixed bail helmet shell - as found from house with attached small hat badge, original strap

-March 1968 parachute that came in the kit bag also dated in the 60s, zippers don't work unfortunately

-Named to Lt 5th AAF ike jacket

-Some patches

-WWII AAF Cloth Map of Japan and China seas dated 1945


And the best find was this wwii navy pilots group -


Includes bible, address book, 2 bracelets with his name, dog tag with thumb print, cap badge, 2 pins. All are sterling except the one pin.


Wild story with this one. This man at age like 88 or 90, threw three boxes off the bride then jumped off the bridge in Hartford and committed suicide. The three boxes floated down the river and some guy pulled them out of the river several miles down river. These items were in those boxes along with 430 OZS of WWII dated silver bars. I didn't get the bars unfortunately. I got these items threw a couple people. I didn't know the guy who pulled these out of the river.





Matt's Military


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any explanation to the connection of these items, alot of silver, and suicide? just wondering.

but thats a nice group

"America shall win the war. Therefore, I will work. I will save. I will sacrifice. I will endure. I will fight cheerfully and do my utmost, as if the whole issue of the struggle depended on me alone." -Martin A. Treptow Jake L.


Heaven help me, how I miss my friend

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I collect a lot of female items and I've seen things listed as female due to the small badge or even service stripes. None of my items have anything different like that and I've asked other collectors about it. Not to take over the thread but I'm interested if there is another opinion. Never seen it in reference books or on Blitzkrieg.com either. Everything seems to be the same as the man's.

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