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64th Bombardment Squadron (Medium)

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The pic below shows 2 examples of the 64th Bombardment Squadron (M) patch when they based at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ. The squadron flew B-47s for the 43rd Bombardment Wing (M) from 1954-1960. My question is, what is the significance of the blue vs. green background versions of this patch? I've seen WW2 examples of the 64th BS patch that had a blue background, but I've never seen a WW2 example that had a green background. Did the squadron start out with the blue version, and switch to the green version at some point in time? If so, when and why? Any insight would be most appreciated. Thanks!



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This patch was not approved, ie: There is NO RECORD from the B-47 days (Blue, Green or Gray) I requested the approved insignia and the only insignia approved dated to the B-58 era (Attached)


Terry L Horstead


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There was no approved patch for the 64 BS as late as 1962. However, the Indian and the one Terry shows were both worn. Somewhere I've seen a black and white pic of the Indian patch being worn, but no way to tell the colors used.



MSgt USAF (Ret)

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Terry...when exactly was the insignia you posted approved? I knew this particular version was B-58 related, and assumed it was worn during the Little Rock era (1964-1970). However, as Randy pointed out, I have also heard that both versions were worn at Carswell, but was never able to confirm it. I've seen pics of B-58 pilots from the 43rd BW wearing the 63rd and 65th BS patches, but not the 64th.

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Here's a WW2 era piece I posted earlier on the Forum for comparison.The versions in post # 1 remained true to the original design.


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where never lark, or even eagle flew;

and while, with silent, lifting mind I've trod

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