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The were two units that used the "MASTERS OF THE GLOBE" designations with a slightly different Patch design. First was the 912th TROOP CARRIER GROUP (USAF, Reserves), a C-119 Unit, This unit was formed in 1962 as part of the 512th TROOP CARRIER WING, located at NAS Willow Grove, PA along with the 913th TCG (NAS Willow Grove) and the 914th TCG (Located at NAS Niagara Falls, NY). In 1965 the 512th Designation was Relocated to Carswell AFB, Texas, and the 912th, 913th, & 914th were reassigned to the 302d TROOP CARRIER WING, (USAF, Reserves), located at Clinton County AFB, Ohio, and later as part of 514th TCG, that located at McGuire AFB, NJ. The second unit was the 512th TROOP CARRIER WING, first a C-119 Wing at NAS Willow Grove and later (1965) a C-124 unit located at Carswell AFB, Texas, with the USAF Reserves. In 1968 the 912th became a C-141 associate unit at Dover AFB, Delaware. The unit inactivated in 1 July 1973, and reformed as the 512th Military Airlift Wing, Associate, (USAF Reserves), and supported C-5A aircraft. The Emblem was last approved 1993 I don;t when the emblem was modified from the 912th Version.


Attached are the 912th TCG, and the orginial 512th insignia showing the C-119 aircraft



Terry L Horstead





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