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USAF 25th Communications Squadron (TAF) Stein 1959-1962

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I picked up this stein because my dad was attached to the 25th Communications Squadron (1951-1952 Camp Pieri, Wiesbaden Germany) and I was looking for anything that may have a unit insignia on it. I showed the stein to my dad but he did not recognize the decal on the stein. I am hoping that one of you could help with the background to the decal. I really would like to know if there was ever a 25th Communications SSI as I would love to acquire one to give to my dad.






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All I can add is what I found on Wikipedia. 25th Communications Squadron, TAF (Theater Air Force), existed from 1946-1962. It was based at Lindsey Air Station, in Wiesbaden, Germany. Said there was also a "25th Communications Squadron, Command". Both may have had "detachments" that operated in other locations around the country.


Someone who has access to old Air Force records may have more. I can't find anything else on-line.

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