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Another New Helmet - Another USN SPH-3B

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Hi Guys,


Well I found another SPH-3B that is in need of some TLC so I bought it and took it home yesterday. As you can see, there are many broken and missing parts. The good news is that I bought a parts helmet on ebay last week that I think as most of the missing parts I need. Plus ones to replace the broken stuff.


I do love the tape job on the visor. Any ideas on the squadron? I don't see the spec tag anywhere, so I'm guessing this is late 70s/early 80s?


Here are some pics.








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And the last one. This is the worst damage to the helmet, a good sized crack on the right ear. I hope to glue it back in place so secure it somehow...


I have already removed the old masking tape from the rear of the helmet. It was old and brittle and came off pretty easily...


Thanks for looking at my latest rebuild project :)




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Nice original helmet. You are probably correct with the late 1970s-early 1980s time frame. Possibly mid 1980s also? Not much

later than that because of the earlier leather ear cup suspension and head suspension. Later ones used a Nomex? ear cup

suspension and a leather covered form fit liner replaced the head suspension. Possibly from a USN or USMC H-53 helicopter

squadron? Also, notice the snaps on either side of the shell near the visor housing-For NVG gear?


Parts needed:

-2-Visor lock knobs, white.

-1-All black round microphone mount.

-1 or 2 black ear seals.

-1-M-95B/UR or gray (or possibly black) M-87/AIC microphone element with boom and rubber covered cable.

-1-Possibly need rectangular amplifier, AM-3597C/A.

-1pr-H-87B/U earphone elements with silver colored face.

-1pr foam for ear cups.

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Thanks northcoastaero. I think I have just about all the parts I need to fix this one up. The only thing I don't have is the earphone elements and wiring for them.


I have taken the helmet all apart this weekend. Here are some photos.






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The helmet was very dirty. I'm sure a lot of it is the old foam from the ear cups. There was black stuff all over the place. I need to clean out the rest from the ear cups and also the suspension. Plus I need to try and remove the verdigris from the snaps at the front.


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One last photo for now. When I removed the masking tape from the rear of the helmet and really looked at the lines, it got me to thinking. Could this be a Coast Guard helmet? Those lines are blue and orange so I of course thought Coast Guard right away.


Any ideas on how to remove the comm element from the back side? There are two small philips screws holding it to the shell (you can see them in the interior shot above). When I turn them with a screwdriver, they just seem to spin... I guess I don't have to take it off since I'm just cleaning the helmet up but I was curious to see what I looked like on the inside.






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Thanks once again for the good info northcoastaero. Good to know it's a USN or USMC helmet due to the comm setup.


I've been slow and steady at this one. I washed all the interior components in soap and water to get all the debris and small black pieces of disintegrated foam out of everything as that was everywhere. I didn't want to make it 100% clean like new (since this helmet will never been clean and new!), I just wanted to tidy things up a bit and not get black foam particles on my hands every time I touched it.


While that's drying, I have been re-gluing the loose edgeroll back in place along the ears of the helmet. It's not perfect but it's much better than it hanging loose in the wind. Once that is all done and dried, I can re-install the interior suspension. I found a couple of good ear seals to use as well. Still nothing on the earphone elements or wiring but I'm keeping my eyes peeled.


More later, thanks for looking.








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Good Morning Guys,


I'm happy to report this helmet is all done. I spent a few hours putting it back together yesterday. After I took it apart last week, cleaned everything, and re-glued the edge roll back on the ears, all that was left was reassembly. It all went back together without a hitch. I simply replaced the missing or broken parts with parts from a donor helmet I bought on eBay last month.


Here is the result:







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That is really cool. What kind of glue did you use on the edgeroll?


Thanks for the kind words! I am pleased with the way it turned out and it's a great addition to the collection.


I used this glue for the edge roll. I found it at Hobby Lobby and the label said it worked well with rubber which is of course what I was after.




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