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I really do not have many aviation related items but I picked up these 6 flight suits for a good price today.

Please tell me what I have?

Also, what are they worth?

Thank you in advance




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Saved the coolest one for last.

It is silver with some type of fire retardant coating over a beige suit.


BTW, in post 2 the USN stamp is from the first suit pictured.

The tag pictured in post 3 is from the green suit in post 2


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The seller said his father worked for a company and he took home flight suits.

He also had a full astronaut suit but sold it at auction a few years ago.

He says he has some helicopter and jet pilot helmets he is going to sell me once he digs them out.

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2) 1969 contract USN/USMC/Army CS/FRP-4.

3) Early-mid 1960s USN/USMC orange cotton.

4) Early-mid 1960s USN/USMC tan cotton.

5) Could be early-mid 1960s USN/USMC?

6) Silver one could be a fire fighters suit or one used with the USN/USMC nuclear reflective flight gear during the early-mid 1960s.

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The last one is an evaluation coverall tested during 1962 following MIL-C-5390G specifications made with the new HT1 cloth that will be designated Nomex in 1965. By this time Dupont had difficulties to master the dying process to produce olive HT1 cloth. Several other pieces of flight equipment (anti g, integrated torso harness, MK3C life preservers...) were evaluated with this new material in USN units.


The number 5 doesn't seems to be a military coverall


Best, Croc

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WOW! you guys are good.

Thank you for the info.

Does anyone know what they are worth individually or separately?

I posted them in the "Whats it Worth" section but have not gotten any bites?


And CROC how do you know all of this stuff??

Very impressive I must say.


I cant wait till this guy pulls out some of the flight helmets he has.

He had six other suits that I could of bought.

I just couldn't find the time to meet with him so he ended up donating them to a museum.

He said he also has items autographed by astronauts.

Maybe his did worked for Dupont.

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ILC south of Dover DE makes space suits, they make other stuff for the US government too... I have a set of m1944 Sun Dust and Wind goggles still in the box from ILC ...


Anyway cool suits!! hopefully you can score the helmets too...

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Hi Anton,


I made long researches in USN archives about 1960s USN flight gears that are being published in France.

Your Orange Flight suit is a 1961 MIL-C-5390F US Navy Coverall, the N°4 khaki coverall is a 1958 MIL-C-5390D US Navy coverall too.

About HT1 clothing, the Dupont factory in Richmond was ready to produce this new textile by early 1963, the coverall you have was tested in USN units during summer 1962.


Best Croc

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