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Big, Heavy, Historical Brass USS Pueblo Related Plaque

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So we made a bullet run down to San Diego today to pick up a piece I was offered a few months ago.


We had been putting it off as the owner just kept saying it weighed over 200 pounds, it's heavy, etc.


Once we got there we realized it wasn't that heavy , but it was still heavy.


This is a large brass memorial plaque made for Duane D Hodges, who was the only person killed during the Pueblo Incident.


There were two made, the other is mounted on a stone memorial in Oregon, and this was the backup in case the first got damaged.


Now to start cleaning it up and making it look as nice as the one on the memorial...




This is the one in Oregon:





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Great item from the USS Pubelo and very unique. I acquired in a trade over 30 years ago the citation given by the Oregon Congress to Duane D Hodges parents after his unfortunate death on the USS Pebelo. So this piece is special to me. The citation is in a Blue leather folder with the Oregon seal on the cover. It is at my other home or I would scan it for all to see. Ben

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Unfortunately I am old enough to remember the Pueblo incident. Ha. but it is defiantly very cool. I would not want to carry it around to shows. Bless you for that & saving a piece of history.

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