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any pics of a restored F-101?

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Nice F-101 seat. Is there an aircraft tail number on the seat that may be able to tell what variant it came from? I believe the Detail & Scale series book on the F-101 Voodoo by Bert Kinzey has some color pictures of the seat. Items you may need for the seat:


-Seat-man separator strap assy.

-BA-22 or BA-24 parachute.

-Seat survival kit assy.

-Thick cushion version that is flat across the front. Similar to the F-102 seat kit.

-CNK-11/P or 140000-64 kit that has a cutout in the front and thinner cushion.


Also, check out ejectionsite.com for various seats.

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80339....I would think it is a 58 model...The head rest was modified with an extension bolted on to the headrest,as to push your head forward...I wonder if this was to accomadate the new flight helmet series versus the old P series. It looks like the P series had a deeper back to them...maybe just me though...


the only thing I would like to do is add to the seat... I don't want to strip it and repaint etc... I like the original been there done that look...

here is a newer BA-22 with the log and complete except for the survival kit and automatic release charge...bail out bottle still has pressure...




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The serial number 58-0339 refers to a F-101B variant of the Voodoo. An internet search for 58-0339 shows a few images of the aircraft. Also, there is a 1/72 scale diecast F-101B Voodoo with the same serial number. It is made by Hobby Master (HA3710) and can be purchased from flyingmule.com aikensairplanes.com or ebay.com . It is in the markings of the Oregon ANG. Your BA-22 needs a red snap hook, a spring, lap belt gold key, and webbing-all for the auto opener red knob. Hope this helps.

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A few years ago I did a search and found the photos online...was cool to see it...


Thanks much for the info on the seat and missing parts... I would like to get the survival kit bucket.....will check the web site you gave me....


Those items missing are for the ejection seat version of the BA-22???

A guy down south of here has the rear canopy off of a F-4...he won't budge, been trying for years now to get it.....one day maybe...would be cool to marry the seat with the canopy...even if not correct plane type... I am a sucker for anything F-4 related


Ever see the travel pods come up for sale?



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Good news...we saved the seat Thanks for the update 89J shame to see the old birds scrapped...

I recently picked up a 75 CJ5 owned and operated at Dover AFB...I want to turn in to a AF Jeep..ie prop for front bumber...that kind of stuff...how cool would it be to put the 101 seat in the CJ5!!!! dunno if it would fit though...the jeep has an original Meyers top...seat might be too tall for it...just a thought

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