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Custom resize tool exclusively for the USMF

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I tried this and it does not work for me. The "process" button for me to select the file to resize is "grayed out" and doesnt give me the option to click it....am I missing a key step in the process?




Could you tell me what browser you're using? Are you able to successfully select a local file to upload?





P.S. Yes, this should work OK on iPad, Android tablets and also on iPhones.

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Thanks. Your program will spare me a lot of frustration.





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Just wanted to say thanks. I tried it out and had no problems with it. This will make it much easier to add photos.

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Just use "Image Resizer for Windows".

Image Resizer 3

Image Resizer for Windows - Home
May 31, 2014 - Image Resizer for Windows is a utility that lets you resize one or more selected image files directly from Windows Explorer by right-clicking.

They have a 32-bit and a 64-bit version you may download for free.

The downloaded file was scanned with multiple anti-virus utilities; no malware was detected.

Always create a restore point before adding any new programs or utilities like Image Resizer 3.

Make sure your anti-virus software is up to date, and always scan all files that you download. (Trust know one.)

Once "Image Resizer for Windows" is installed, open "Windows Explorer".

Select (highlight) one or more of your images (photos), with your mouse right click, select "Resize pictures" from the displayed menu.

Select "Small", "Medium", "Large", or "Mobile" from the options presented.

The original file is not altered in any way. A new file will be created with " (Small)", " (Medium)", " (Large)", or " (Mobile)" inserted into the original file name.


02/08/2015 03:03 AM 238,576 Image_Resizer_for_Wimdows_Version_3.jpg (Original file size (233 KB))
02/08/2015 03:04 AM 190,732 Image_Resizer_for_Wimdows_Version_3 (Large).jpg (187 KB)
02/08/2015 03:04 AM 113,704 Image_Resizer_for_Wimdows_Version_3 (Medium).jpg (112 KB)
02/08/2015 03:04 AM 53,097 Image_Resizer_for_Wimdows_Version_3 (Small).jpg (52 KB)
02/08/2015 03:04 AM 24,081 Image_Resizer_for_Wimdows_Version_3 (Mobile).jpg (24 KB)

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What about users who are running Mac OS or Linux? Or those with an iPhone, iPad, Android device? What about everyone who doesn't run Windows? The tool I have written does exactly the same as the one you have suggested, but runs in any web browser so it's not system-dependent.


Also, the tool you have suggested above seems to resize images purely based upon their pixel dimensions. Mine is a little more 'intelligent' and complex than that. It will throttle the filesize and resulting dimensions to produce the largest, best quality image that fits within the filesize constraints of the USMF...




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Hi, I started using this tool and it worked great once I found the picture but I shouldn't need it. however the last pictures I used it for taken with the same camera cropped down then resized with your tool are not accepted as file to latrge why, this is getting frustratting sine I can submit older pictures taken with this camera

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i have been having problems with some of my pictures and found my editor in MY PICTURE was not doing anything with the resolutions, so I went back to irfranview, it a picture editor you download to your computer not a third party like PB. I changed the resolution to 1024x768 and they work at least for me

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