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1947 Pattern Army EM Service Cap Frames, New In Box

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Great topic, Matt! Perhaps I can cast some light on the officers' caps. Call me a nerd but I love to glean information about service caps (being in the cap business). There is quite a bit of information to be found in "The Army Officer's Guide" (with a new edition and new revisions coming out almost every year, the information is incredible). I believe it was the 1948 edition that I was reading one day and I stumbled across a gem of information. Beginning 1 January 1948 all new service cap purchases had to be in fur felt (to be worn with the "pinks and greens") or in wool serge (same as the caps you have documented here, to be worn with the Ike jacket). Service caps in wool gabardine elastique could be continued to be worn until deemed unserviceable (I don't recall the wear out date), but new service cap purchases could not be in elastique. Service caps worn with the summer service uniform had to be tropical worsted wool (same as the uniform). When wearing the Class C (khaki cotton shirt and trousers) the cap had to be the removable cotton cover for the frames you show here.


Resurrecting this old thread with new information. After 1JUL1952, only brown fur felt was authorized as a material for winter army officer visor caps.No more OD wool elastique, 'Pink' shade 51, or anything else.





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Looks like you are correct and the photo I found was mis-captioned. I thought it came from the Korean War Project site, but maybe not.

Check, that kind of thing does indeed happen, happns to me on occacision.


As an example, the Dom Rep Camo uniform.



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It happens, you can't believe everything you read on the internet!

That's a cool thread and an interesting photo, thanks for linking.

Well it's more of a case of a miscaptioned photo find, or little or no info and or a incomplete description with the photo find, in this latter case, you make the assumption with whatever if anything is given with/on photo find. That's what happened with that Dom Rep photo, incomplete with indications this camo wearing individual was a Green Beret.

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The Khaki cap cover in use, around the summer of 1951. This GI is actually my Uncle, Leonard Strobel, he's still with us living in Cresskill NJ, my Mother's Brother, yeah I snagged it off my Cousin's FB page :lol:.




Used to have another of his portrait's in the old foto box here, but it's been long lost, in that one he's wearing Khaki Cap too, but with the Khaki Coat, I asked him once on that, and he said it was a bunch of them on a table, and one put the one that fitted the best for the sitting. Do not know really much about his service, like where he took basic and such, I do know he 21 when drafted, was a Field Wireman, Signal Corps, and was under orders for Japan and Korea, at Fort Lewis, but was unfortunately badly injured in a training accident, think he injured both his legs and back, and after a bit was medically discharged, I know he got disabled VA benefits of some kind cause the many times I would be over his place in Northern Jersey, I would see DAV magazines and stuff he would get delivered to him.

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Two fantastic photos from late 1948 of Basic Trainees of the 17th Airborne Division Camp Pickett, Virginia (When this division was only a cadre strength training division). They are getting their uniform issue, see how they wear just the service cap visor frames on their head 1735791125_emoticonlaugh.png.94398d4b3c26b0945d92c576b084b47f.pngI guess they did it so as to not smusch  the frame in their duffel or laundry bags, or just for immediate convenience sake probably, cause they will at various points in the future have pack the cap in their duffel for leave/duty station traveling if they decided to wear the garrison caps right.

17th ec0001.jpg

17th ec20003.jpg

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