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Salvage Sailor's USN Collection - "it just followed me home"

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These are standard issue to all Naval Vessels from pre-WWII to present day. They list the complete assignments of sailors by Billet in their respective Divisions to their Battle, Watch, Operational & Emergency stations in complete detail.


They were posted in the Divisional areas and constantly updated. It is every sailor's duty to know it by heart. This is a close up of the left side of the board


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I've got no business at all making any sort of a comment about anything Naval, so I'll make a comment anyway as a gesture of enthusiastic empathy.


These are really great stuff! bravo.gif


Thanks Bluehawk,


Ditto on your aviation collection. I'll be posting some naval aviation items and USAAF eventually.

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Do you want the mid-watch so you can sleep in for morning quarters?


PS - I'll be posting more plaques soon thumbsup.gif

Okay, there it is Watch, Quarter & Station Bill...let's see, for GQ or Repel Boarders I go to...




Book Link: U.S. Navy Tailor-Made Dress Blues, Liberty Cuffs, and Sailor Folk Art

Wanted: USN Liberty Cuffs, vintage bullion rating badges, pre-1914 rating badges and vintage USN Police style Badges.






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Salvage Dude, fellow Hoo Yah deep sea kinda guy here; Sorry to correct as you be a moderator and I'm just an FNG . . . But up a few pages you said, for GQ movements; up and forward on the port side . . . OOPS!! It's up and forward on the starboard side, down and aft on port. BPO MM1(SW/DV)


Now, let me say, nice collection. I will have to get mine all together and take a picture of it. WWII Battle lanterns, Teak from USS Missouri's quarterdeck, MK-V dive knives, A Mk-1 mask (used to have an old KMB-10, but I sold it). I've also got a bunch of WWII stuff that belonged to my wife's father, a Navy F6F-3N (night fighter) pilot, including his backgammon set. Oh, and I have a sample of USS Arizona's fuel oil, that I collected while on a dive on the wreck.

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Holy Cats! 10 plus years gone by since I've posted this stuff and I never did open up the seabags or pull out my boarding party web gear.


I'll get to that in the next decade or so........


Carry on

Thanks! I've been turning a nice shade of blue holding my breath waiting to see what's in those seabags!



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