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End of 2014 Flea Market Finds

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I picked up this training gas mask with case that is pretty mint for 10 dollars. I've got a question about this haversack. There are no markings and the side snap is kind of flimsy so I was wondering if this was a reproduction?




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Very nice finds! I think that pack is a very bad reproduction of a WWII USMC pack



Collecting WWI 26th Division Machine Gun and Infantry related Helmets, Equipment, Groupings, Photos and Dog Tags!


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I found this I'm guessing Armor Corps soft helmet for 10 dollars. I don't know that much about it if anyone can enlighten me I would e much appreciative.




What you have is a Combat Vehicle Crewman (CVC) Helmet - common to all Armored Vehicles in U.S. inventory, to include Strykers; all you are missing is the Kevlar outer shell, which comes in three sizes (S, M, L) - this model CVC is made by Bose & has exceptional noise-cancelling abilities compared to previous CVCs - attached photo is of my "modified" CVC when I was 1SG for a Stryker Infantry Company at Fort Bliss with the 1st Armored Division


Crapgame: Then make a DEAL!

Big Joe: What kind of deal?
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The last CVC helmet has a Star Wars design on it.COOL!


Star Wars: The Rebel Alliance

Star Warsuniverse nerdy stuff:The Alliance Starbird, also known asThe Phoenix, was the insignia of theAlliance to Restore the Republic. It adorned the flight helmets of a number of Rebel pilots during the Galactic Civil War and was based on the Marek family crest to honorGalen Marek, the former apprentice toDarth Vader.
The Starbird represents the Alliance rising from the Galactic Empire that it swore to topple. The logo was first seen in the original Star Wars movie, most notably on X-wing fighter pilot helmets (Y-wing pilots had different versions) including, of course, that ofLuke Skywalker.

Read more:http://www.thelogofactory.com/logo_blog/index.php/logo-arcana-faux-movie-logos/#ixzz3NoDwrpHH



ASMIC #1098


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