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Hi Guys

Well I'm in the need of some expert info from the forum.While on a trip back home for Christmas I came across this submarine badge in a small antique shop.I'm thinking and hoping its ww2 ,but need the experts to help out.The only two issues it has is one of the clutch back post is slightly shorter,and one sterling fastner is post ww2.And if by chance anyone can help id the maker that would be awesome.Thanks in advance Jay





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Hi Jay,


To me, the finish remaining on the obverse, in the recesses, looks silver. From what I've seen on other gold/silver finished badges, silver can easily tone to a goldish colour, but it is unlikely a gold finish will tone to a silver colour. A gold finish can certainly darken/tone to almost black, but not a light silver colour. Also, if you are confident the clutch posts are not resoldered, the bright silver finish at the base of the clutchposts may be the original silver finish retained due to either protection by the clutches and/or better retained by the different basemetal of the solder.


When Josh B sees this thread he may be able to point you in the right direction re maker (or possible makers).




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I'm making a assumption by looking at a one dimensional image and I could be wrong. ..if it is a Silver enlisted badge with repaired pins...the value would be $40 to $70.

I have bought and sold a lot of Submarine badges...I stand by the opinion it has been repaired.

Always Buying...Medals...Patches...Wings... Singles or Groups...Top Cash Paid!!!

My Website...http://www.purpleheartsnorthcarolina.com/






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Thanks Mike. And all I can say is that you guys are awesome,Thank you so much for all the help.Now to find(Hopefully) an ww2 officers Dolphin,Jay


Good luck with the hunt Jay. If you get desperate, I've got a spare H-H Imperial marked deep wave pinback.


Happy New Year to all,



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I can't add too much more than what tarbridge said in post #17.



Only a weak society needs government protection or intervention before it pursues its resolve to preserve the truth. Truth needs neither handcuffs nor a badge for its vindication. -Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy

Peace is not the absence of war, but the defense of hard-won freedom. -Anton LaGuardia



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